ANDRO - # 1 Testosterone Boosting Supplement!

* Boost Testosterone
* Boost Libido
* Decreas Fat
* Increase Muscle
* Increase Strength
* Improve Endurance

ANDRO - one of the most potent drug free and hormone-free testosterone boosters available anywhere. It actually rivals some low end testosterone boosting steroids in effectiveness while being musch safer and 100% legal to use!

Andro contains: a powerful 10: 1 extract of Bulbine Natalensis (clinically proven to vastly increase testosreone levels), test boosting Zinc Methionine and test boosting Vitamin B6 along with Piperine which makes these already bio-available test boosters and even more available for assimilation, making ANDRO one very potent testosterone boosting supplement!

Andro is a very potent and highly effective testosterone booster, libido enhancer and muscle building anabolic that greatly increases free flowing testosterone levels. Results can be seen quickly.

Here are the basic reasons why you should use ANDRO:

1. Completely Natural
2. Boosts Testosterone
3. Increases Muscle
4. Boosts Libido
5. Increases Strength
6. Improves Recovery
7. Increases Endurance
8. Reduces Body Fat

Andro is an excellent stand-alone testosterone boosting supplement. Andro is virtually the strongest natural testosterone booster on the market! Andro also stacks well with, and actually compliments just about any other anabolic supplements out there.

How long should you cycle Andro?
In order to experience maximum anabolic effects, Andro should be cycled for 8 weeks at a maximum of 1000 mg daily.

What are the side effects of using Andro?
Andro is a natural product, but it is extremely potent. As with any strong testosterone product, users may experience some level of shut down of natural testosterone production at cessation of product use. This is normal, so to compliment ANDRO's effectivenss we highly recommend use of AROMATASE INHIBITOR during your cycle of ANDRO, and to continue it's use for 1 month after use of Andro for best results. Cycle this product 4-8 weeks on, then 1 month off.

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