Hello… Welcome To Our New Blog!

Welcome to the Gold Medal Supplements interactive blog!

Here we are all friends, and we would like to share back-and-forth discussions with you on all kinds of topics regarding fitness, health, bodybuilding, supplements and everything in between … so please make sure to subscribe to our new blog so you definitely don’t miss out on any of the information and discussions that follow…

We look forward to chatting with you inside!

2 thoughts on “Hello… Welcome To Our New Blog!”

  1. Hi, this Jon…
    Just wanted to say congrats on starting up the new blog. As a fan of your supplements, I’ll enjoy spending some time in here sharing stories etc on my experiences with them. Thanks!

  2. Hey Jon… Ibelieve I know who you are. If I have my peeps right, I think I remember talking with you about the Super Anabolic Grow product fairly recently. In any event, I’m glad you’ve joined us. i there is anything you’d like to discuss, please feel free to make a suggestion. I’ll consider starting a new blog post discussion on it if it is relevant to the blog!

    That goes for anyone out there… if you’d like to see a particular topic discuss at length, please feel free to let me know either by posting here or shooting me an email… I’ll give all suggestions serious consideration for a blog discussion topic of it’s own!

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