FAT BURN (Weight Loss)
Fat Burn
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"Jitter Free" Weight Loss

Fat Burn - Highly effective, safe & natural. Features: Yerba Mate (880 mg), Citrus Aurantium (100 mg) and Piperine (10 mg). Gives excellent rapid "jitter free" weight loss results. (1 month supply)

FAT BURN is a great fat dissolving supplement designed to quickly and effectively melt away even the most stubborn fat deposits from your body without giving you any nervous or “jittery” feelings.

The ingredients in FAT BURN

Yerba Mate, one of the two main ingredients in our formula is a well known fat burning substance with tons of scientific evidence to back up the fact that it is a highly effective fat burner. And supplied in a high dose, with Piperine added to make it highly bio-available and effective makes this ingredient a very potent fat burner within this formula.

Citrus Aurantium, the other main ingredient in our formula is another well known fat burning substance with mountains of scientific evidence proving it’s worth as a potent fat burning agent also, and once again, with added Piperine to make this ingredient even more bio-available and effective.

Piperine, of course, is the powerful bio-availability enhancer mentioned above… aside from making ingredients even more powerful than normal, it has several key other healthy benefits all it’s own, such as being an effective cancer fighter, plus it also is a strong anti-oxidant among many other strong healthy benefits it provides.

Without any doubt, FAT BURN is an excellent fat burning supplement that will help you shed even the most stubborn unwanted fat from anywhere on your body, quickly, safely and effectively!

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