Anabolic Grow
Price: $45

Protein Synthesis / Muscle Mass

Anabolic Grow - 1 lb. blend of Leucine Instant, Creatine Instant, Agmatine Sulfate, Piperine. Gives massive protein synthesis boost for excellent lean, natural, keepable muscle mass growth. (1.5 month supply)

Super Anabolic Grow is powerful anabolic designed specifically to optimize & enhance muscle growth through vastly increased protein synthesis!

Extremely powerful muscle building, protein synthesizing formula that rivals low to medium level steroids in effectiveness while being 100% healthy to use.

With big muscle building doses of super concentrated “instantized” L-Leucine and the vastly superior bioavailability (225% more) of "Instantized" Creatine Monohydrate, not to mention the potent vasodilating, muscle building and protein shuttling effects of Agmatine Sulfate topped with the potent bio-enhancing properties of Piperine... Super Anabolic Grow is THE supplement to have to grow new and 100% keepable muscle mass!

Super Anabolic Grow also stacks perfectly withvirtually all other anabolics... so no matter what else you may be using to grow more muscle, you can add Super Anabolic Grow to the mix to make it egven better! (Trust me, Super Anabolic Grow also makes an excellent stand alone anabolic!). Whichever way you decide to go, you will LOVE the results you get from Super Anabolic Grow!

Main benefits:

* Great Muscle Growth
* Muscle Protein Synthesis
* Lean Muscle / Less Fat
* Improves Glucose Uptake
* Increases Energy

Super Anabolic Grow makes good... GREAT!


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