Super Anabolic Grow - # 1 for Anabolic Muscle Building!
Gold Medal Supplements SUPER ANABOLIC GROW is the "Gold Standard" protein synthesizing supplement for muscle building, fitness & health!

This powerful product is a unique blend of the highest rated protein synthesizing amino acid (L-Leucine) in a new and concentrated "instant" form which is much more potent than regular L-Leucine making it substantially more beneficial for protein synthesis and muscle building.

To further enhance this muscle building powerhouse we added Creatine MH Instant which is much stronger than regular creatine, 225% stronger to be exact, and it is much more bio-available... like to the tune of being 90% bio-available compared to only 40% for regular monohydrate, not to mention it's 10 x more soluble than regular creatine! Creatine MH Instant is hands down the most potent form of creatine available today!

If that weren't enough we then added Agmatine Sulfate, a powerful vaso-dilator and muscle builder to give awesome muscle pumps while additionally increasing nutrient uptake and boosting overall protein synthesis. So in fact, what we have here are three powerful ingredients that work synergistically together to pack one hell of a powerful anabolic punch that will assuredly help even the hardest gainer to make great gains! And if you happen to be lucky enough to be a regular or easy muscle gainer, your results will be that much better!

Then as a finale, to put the cherry on top we taken these already extremely bio-available ingredients to the next level (as if that were even possible) by adding Piperine (a potent bio-enhancer) to make this powerful formula as complete and bio-available as any formula could possibly be!

Wow... What can we say? We out-did ourselves with this one. This is about as powerful a muscle builder as you can make, and when used along with a proper high quality protein and nutrient rich diet this product has proven to give even better results than some steroid cycles that volunteers have run to make comparisons...


So, if you want to get your hands on what is proving to be one of the most effective muscle builders we have ever seen... the time is now!

This is your chance to make gains, not average or mediocre gains, but EXCELLENT GAINS... and better yet, you can do so in a completely safe, highly effective, and 100% natural and healthy way. And isn't that what you want? To be bigger, stronger, better and healthier? Well, if that IS what you want... GET THIS PRODUCT because that's exactly what SUPER ANABOLIC GROW delivers!

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$89.99 / month