WHEY PROTEIN (Muscle Mass)
Whey Protein Concentrate
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Protein / Muscle Mass

Whey Protein Concentrate - 1 lb. high quality concentrated protein with full compliment of amino acids, vitamins, minerals and trace elements for maximum muscle mass growth. (1 month supply)

Excellent source of bodybuilding protein with a complete array of amino acids and vitamins and minerals the bodybuilder needs to grow!

Gold Medal Supplements high quality Whey Protein Concentrate is the “Gold Standard” whey protein supplement for muscle building, fitness & health!

Our superior Whey Protein Concentrate is produced from pasteurized whey that has non-protein elements removed. With a mild flavor, our whey protein isolate mixes well in most any shake or cool beverage. It can also be added to many foods.

When compared to other whey proteins, our Whey Protein Concentrate has higher, and thus, more beneficial protein and amino acid content and little, if any, fat or lactose.

Gold Medal Supplements Whey Protein Concentrate has extremely high levels of beneficial amino acids.

Our Whey Protein Concentrate is a complete protein, which means it has all of the amino acids that are needed in a daily diet. It also contains high levels of branched chain amino acids, which are unlike other amino acids in the promotion of muscle growth because they can be metabolized directly into muscle tissue.

This is simply a better Whey Protein Concentrate!


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