# 1 Killer of Fitness & Health Success

# 1 Killer of Fitness & Health Success

Why Almost Everyone (With Exceptions) Never Reaches True Health & Fitness (And What YOU Can Do About It)

To clarify…

I think it’s fair to say that most everybody would like to be their fittest and healthiest. But there is something always holding them back from attaining that goal. It is the # 1 killer of fitness & health success.. and most don’t ever get past it. That one roadblock that gets in the way so many times, for so many people is…



What is procrastination?

Well, in a nutshell, procrastination is the lack of taking action, even when you know that action is needed to attain a goal. And which among us can honestly say that we don’t do this? Some do it all the time, Others do it occasionally. Consequently, if YOU are a person who procrastinates when it comes to your health and / or fitness, you are robbing yourself of the best life you could have. No question about it! Procrastination destroys health and fitness… sometimes, it even kills!

Here’s What To Do To Defeat Procrastination

Take action.

That’s it… that’s all you have to do… take action. That sounds easy enough, right? well… wrong, at least for MOST people. Stopping the procrastination means you have to stop making excuses. You have to stop putting it off for another day. Stop telling yourself you’ll get to it later. You have to STOP that lack of action and excuse making. You have to take action! Even if it is just a tiny baby step… tiny baby steps build into bigger steps, and that builds motivation. Motivation breeds confidence and confidence breeds more action. It’s like a snowball that builds up to be huge as it rolls down the hill. Given enough time… You can’t stop it!

That’s The Kind Of Action We Want…

We want to BUILD on a foundation. We want to BEGIN. Start small and build slowly (or quickly) as you feel the motivation to do so. trust me, when you start… it comes to you!

To clarify, Let’s say for example you want to get back into lifting weights… But you know hoisting those weights is heavy, hard work. And with the current state of fitness you are currently in it seems too hard a job to want to undertake. I get it. It can seem like a daunting task to start back into any fitness or health regimen again. But the rewards from doing so are so fantastic.. you have to tell yourself this over and over to defeat the “talk yourself out of it” mindset we get into when we are unmotivated. It is much better to get your butt off the couch and go lift even a few pounds a few times than it is to just sit there and lament that you are out of shape.

You have got to TAKE ACTION.

Now... NOT Later!

You have got to actually do something about it! And that does not mean you have to go nuts right away. That is a recipe for disaster because when you try too hard at first, you make it too much work which is very discouraging and will wind up convincing your inner mind to quit.

Baby Steps?

In other words, it’s much better, instead, to take it slow and easy at first. And that counts for both health and fitness endeavors. You should go slow, take it a little bit at a time until you start actually FEELING motivated to do more. It may take a little time, but trust me,.. once you’ve started, even just a little bit, you will soon start feeling better about yourself and you will slowly start seeing and feeling the motivation you need to want to continue!

Motivation & Help For You…

It’s easy for me to sit here and write… do this… do that… blah, blah, blah. That’s just talk. But I am willing to put my effort where my mouth is… for YOU! I’m willing to offer my time and expertise to anyone who is willing to take on the challenge of being their best in health and / or fitness. Let me help you with diet, exercise and nutrition assistance if you need it. I will help keep you MOTIVATED too. I do this for all of my customers, as I give guidance on proper supplementation to help you reach your particular goals faster!


Make Things Happen!
It’s definitely In You … You Just Got to START!

In conclusion, if you want to defeat # 1 killer of fitness & health success to be the best you can be in fitness, health or (hopefully) both… you’ve got to stop procrastinating and take action. You’re not in it alone… let me help you!

Friend, I welcome you to contact me and let me know what it is you want to accomplish with your fitness and / or health. I will help you devise a plan that will get you to where you want to be in a logical, intelligent and doable way! Take the leap and contact me today. It’s the ONLY way you will ever get to your final destination. Take this first little step with me today, work continuously with me, and I can promise you you will not regret it. weeks, months and years from now you will look back and say to yourself that you don’t know why you didn’t start sooner! I’m here waiting for your email, text or phone call.

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