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Excellent product! I went from 172 to 181 pounds in 8 weeks using just this product alone. I was very impressed. I guess it's true the natural products can be the best. I was truly skeptical about using all natural products to build muscle, but after using this... I'm sold. J.B. O'Reilly

I like this product a lot. It has helped me with my stamina issues and I've noticed good strength increases quickly. Because of the extra stamina and sttrength I've been able to put on an additional 4 pounds this month alone, and that's pretty good for me being a Mesomorph body type. I will repurchase this again when done with this cycle. J. Zwetolitz

CRB-15 is like nothing I've used before. Not only is it delivering as promised, I also feel it is the best product I have ever used. It gives noticeable extra strength and I last longer in my reps and sets. I just feel stronger when I use it and that's adding up to gains for me. Love it! Thanks for the recommendation. Kevin Ocelus

Thank you Collin for all the help. I took your recommendation and got the 3 items you suggest and all are working like a charm. This CRB-15 really is a good product just like you said it is. I've got more strength and power to perform all my sets now and I'm looking better in the mirror each week. I've also seen a few extra pounds of muscle and lost a little fat weight too. Great stuff. Thanks again, you were very helpful, and I appreciate that. Rich M.

Wish I had listened to you guys the first time. I didn't get the CRB-15 like you suggested the last time I got supplements. I went with Mass Gainer from GNC instead, and while it did give me small gains, I also got fat using it. It was pretty much JUNK. Now that I've used the CRB-15, I can honestly say I was wrong and I should have listened to you. I have shed some of the fat I gained from that other company's product, and now I'm leaning out and building some nice lean muscle. I'm impressed. Don't think I'll be doubting your word again, Collin. Thanks for all the help!!! F. Chandling

Works as advertised. Good stuff! P. Mitchell

I was using Force Factor Pre-Workout and Volcano products previously, and they did not compare to the strength and stamina gains I made using this CRB-15. I will never go back. I've used a lot of other products in the past, but this is the best I've used when it comes to having the power and stamina to keep powering through tough workouts. especially helped me on the dreaded leg day, which has always been my biggest wekaness. Great product. Hope you guys never take it off the market. My next order is already in for it. C. Jameson