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This stuff really works! I've been using all kinds of creatine as a staple for many years, Monohydrate, Kre-Alkalyn, Ethyl Esther etc etc etc... and this is the first stuff I've ever used that really showed me it is different. Plain and simply.. it works! yes, they all work, but this one REALLY works well. I saw strength and muscle gains like I've never seen from any other creatine, so for me, I'd say this stuff is the bomb, and I highly recommend it. W. Blanks

I love it. I only had to use 1/2 the dose I regularly use and got the same (if not better) results than with my regular brands (Universal and ProLab) I usually get from This Instant version is just hands down better. Maciah V.

Wouldn't have beleived one creatine really works better than another until I used this. I like it. L. Carmicheal

I stay swole all day with this product. I can't like it enough. H. Polanski

if you're using any of those fancy versions of creatine like elthyl esther or whatever, I'd say dump it in the garbage and use this. It really works great. Phillip Dunn

My brand new favorite creatine! Raj V.

Nothing works better to build strength and get you pumped. I love this product! Wish it came in a alrger size. O. Franklin

Been using creatine for a long time, and trhis "instant" version came along so I tried it. Like it... a lot! Gives great muscle pumps that last all day and it mixes so easy into anything. I've even mixed it straight in water in a pinch once and it mixed so easy and really didn't taste that bad all by itself either. Creatine Instant has now become a regula part of my workout regimen and I am greatly enjoying the lean muscle gains and shredding I've been getting with it. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to build lean, strong, shredded muscle mass and do it naturally. Rick T.