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I really l;ike your Mass Gainer product! I had been using Optimum Nutrition's Serious Mass for months and although I did see some gains, a lot of it wound up being fat gains. I'm not trying to diss their products, but they really didn't live up to their clainms, wheras I was positively impressed with your company's Mass Gainer product. It delivered exactly what it says.. nice Mass GIans. Most of which was muscle and very little fat, at least for me. I know a good product when I use it, and this one is a very good product. As long as no big bills come down the road, I'll be ordering again within the week. Harold H.

I ordered several pouches of Mass Gainer for a multiple month run at mass building, and now that I'm past the 3 month mark I can accurately review the product. I have gained 13 pounds of solid muscle, and even seem to have lost a significant amount of fat, although I can't accurately measure that as I have no access to fat calipers and I work out at home, but the mirror does not lie and I'm looking musch, much bigger and leaner and more muscular. I work out hard, and it's really nice to have products that work for me just as hard. This one's akeep for sure, Collin. Thanks for recommending it. I also love the new stronger Epibol you recommended. These two are working wonders for me. I'm kicking some serious ass with them. DeSean. M.

As I am a MMA Fighter, I have had a hard time adding any muscle at all with all the cardio I do on a daily basis. This product helps me keep my muscle and actually add to it. I'm sticking with it. It works well for me. S. Blaloch

Simple, yet effective. Tony G.

i know you guys never add any flavors or fillers to your products and that's a great thing. I just wish they did have some kind of flavors added to make them more palatable, but I must say adding a little Hershey's Chocolate syrup to this with milk and this is a pretty damn good tasting power packed protein shake. Best I ever had, actually. It is now my mass builder of choice. Quentin C.

Once again, a product that works really well. Good show, and keep it up! Products like these are the reason why I've been your customer for over a decade! K. Henry