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Serving Size: 2 Capsules
Serving per container: 30
Bulbine Natalensis... 750 mg*
Zinc Methionine....... 220 mg*
Vitamin B6............... 20 mg
Piperine................... 10 mg*
* RDA not established.
1 cap 30 min. pre-workout
cap 12 hours later
Non-W/O days: same.

ANDRO is highly effective and unmatched supplement made to increase testosterone levels naturally, sporting a completely drug-free and hormone-free formula. Studies looking specifically at free testosterone levels noted a whopping 346% increase in free testosterone levels over control level. These tests were performed on rats in a laboratory in a controlled research study. In the real world, we have even better news... and that is... we've seen nothing but fantastic results when used by our HUMAN test subjects (I'm one of them. Collin, the owner of Gold Medal Supplements!) and our customers love it too. The proof is in using it. We have proof positive in the real world, with humans that ANDRO is REAL and EXTREMELY POWERFUL for HUMAN testosterone boosting! What we've experienced is that the testosterone increases you can make with ANDRO are similar in scope to the testosterone gains you can make with some very potent steroids! This is not hype. This is fact! ANDRO is highly effective, completely safe, 100% legal and can give a huge boost to anyones free flowing testostone levels. Nothing works better!

ANDRO has proven itself to be one of the world’s most powerful all natural testosterone boosters, and it is available from only one place… exclusively, right here at Gold Medal Supplements.

ANDRO contains A very powerful synergistic blend of testosterone boosting ingredients per every 2 capsule serving.

ANDRO is a very potent and highly effective testosterone booster, libido enhancer and muscle building anabolic that greatly increases free flowing testosterone levels. ANDRO stacks extremely well with virtually all other anabolics. Results can be seen quickly.

Main benefits:

* Completely Natural
* Boosts Testosterone
* Increases Muscle
* Boosts Libido
* Increases Strength
* Improves Recovery
* Increases Endurance
* Reduces Body Fat

Anyone looking to up their performance in the gym, in the bedroom and everywhere else should strongly consider using ANDRO because it is the world’s best super potent testosterone boosting supplement. It’s potency is truly second to none!

Give your body the ANDRO advantage now!


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