Highly Effective Inflammation Fighter
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Serving Size: 2 Capsules
Serving per container: 30
Curcumin Extract..... 600 mg*
Turmeric................... 195 mg*
Ginger...................... 195 mg*
Piperine..................... 10 mg*

* RDA not established.


Take 1 capsule every 12 hrs.
Take with 8 oz of water.

The most Powerful all natural Anti-Inflammatory you will find! Safe, effective, 100% drug free relief from inflammation. Proven more effective then NSAIDS for reducing inflammation. Can be used continually because it's natural & healthy for you!

RESTORE – is the powerful drug and hormone free anti-inflammatory proven more effective than NSAID’s drugs against inflammation, and also has strong anti-oxidants that prevent cancer.

RESTORE contains: a very potent combination of Curcumin Extract 98%, Full Spectrum Turmeric, Full Spectrum Ginger and Piperine. It is a very effective anti-inflammatory and cancer fighter and overall health improvement product for both men and women who's results can easily be enhanced by incorporating a healthy anti-inflammtion diet. RESTORE is an unbeatable 100% safe and healthy anti-inflammatory product. A sustainable, much safer and healthier way to fight the inflammation.

Main benefits:

* # 1 Anti-Inflammatory
* Highly Effective
* 100% Safe & Natural
* More Effective than NSAID’s
* Healthy For You
* Potent Anti-Oxidants
* Proven to Fight Cancer
* Improves Digestion
* No Side Effects
* Non Steroidal

Reduce virtually any kind of inflammtion in your body with the power-packed inflammation fighting RESTORE!

Get relief today!
... Get some RESTORE!!!

* Very Important Note - Nowhere on the planet will you be able to find a more effective and extremely powerful anti-inflammatory supplement. 100% natural means you can continue to take it for as long as you need it, and not only that, RESTORE actually has a myriad of healthy benefits for your body over and above being the best all natural anti-inflammatory on the planet. RESTORE works even better than NSAIDs drugs at reducing inflammtion. Imagine that! An all natural anti-inflammatory that works better than any drug to reduce inflammtion, and you can use it completely safely for as long as you need to, plus it has a lot of very good healthy benefits on top of it all... This is an absolute no-brainer! If you need relief from any kind of inflammation, whether it be from sports or other injuries, pinched nerves, arthritis, enlarged prostate... virtually any inflammation at all... RESTORE is without doubt the most effective anti-inflammatory you can use to reduce that inflammation!


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