Highly Effective Aromatase Inhibitor
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Serving Size: 2 Capsules
Serving per container: 30
Apigenin................ 70 mg*
Zinc Methionine.... 230 mg*
Turmeric.............. 200 mg*
Milk Thistle........... 200mg*
Piperine................ 10 mg*
* RDA not established.

1 capsule every 12 hours.

Everybody knows that if you control estrogen in the body it allows for more free flowing testosterone to exist, which is exactly what we want! This is precisely what this supplements does... and it does so with a vengeance! Read on to find out just how important adding Aromatase Inhibitor to your testosterone regimen is, and how it can benefit you!

Potent anti-estrogen prevents aromatization of testosterone into estrogens to prevent estrogen-related side effects.

AROMATASE INHIBITOR is a potent drug and hormone-free estrogen fighting aromatase inhibitor containing: Apigenin, Zinc Methionine, Turmeric, Milk Thistle and Piperine.

AROMATASE INHIBITOR is very effective at reducing, rendering inactive and then expelling unwanted estrogen from the body. For use with Testosterone and other Anabolics to help treat and prevent gynomastia and other side effects from steroids, testosterone and anabolics. 

Excellent stand-alone product.

Stacks well with virtually any anabolic.

Main benefits:

* Decreases Estrogen
* Renders Estrogen Inactive
* Expels Estrogen
* Highly Effective
* 5 Potent Ingredients
* Boosts Testosterone
* No Side Effects
* Safe Formula

If you want all of the fantastic benefits of what more free flowing testosterone flowing through your body with greatly reduced estrogen can bring...

There is no better way to increase natural testosterone levels than to use a natural testosterone booster like ANDRO and TESTIMAX, then add AROMATASE INHIBITOR along with that Test booster. The added benefit of controlling estrogen build up in the blood stream will reap benefits far beyond using a test booster alone. we HIGHLY RECOMMEND using Aromatase Inhibitor along with any test booster you are cureently or are planning to use... the difference can be like night and day. Aromatase Inhibitor is also excellent to use to control estrogen buildup from use of steroids and prohormones etc... it is that good at controlling estrogen!


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