Fast Muscle System Articles Mass Gainers… What You Need To Know!

Mass Gainers… What You Need To Know!

Finding a quality mass gainer can be a bit confusing for some, which is exactly why I am writing this post… to clarify what you should and should NOT be seeing in a high quality mass gainer product.

First off. you want to make sure the mass gainer you are looking at does not have too much sugars (dextrose, malto-dextrin, sucrose etc) in it. Ideally, it should have no sugars at all. The reason for this is simply that when you go to buy a mass gainer you want mass gainer ingredients… not fillers or unwanted sugars that can make you fat. High quality mass gainers will not have these sugars or other unwanted fillers.

Mass Gainer by Gold Medal Supplements

Conversely, you DO want to make sure the best muscle building ingredients are in your mass gainer to be assured that you are going to be able to build the muscle mass you want, while not adding fat to your frame, and to also ensure that you are actually getting your money’s worth when you buy your mass building product.

It is hard to find quality mass builders today because to many company’s use fillers and sugars or other cheap, less effective ingredients when they make their products in order to bolster profits. This further complicates the process of finding a good product! But one such high quality product DOES exist, and it it stands alone as a pinnacle of everything you want in a high quality mass gainer while it does not have any sugars, fillers or any other unwanted ingredient… that product is called, appropriately so… Mass Gainer.

Mass Gainer Product

Mass Gainer has everything in it you want to build slabs of high quality, keepable muscle mass… while it contains absolutely nothing that you would not want in a quality mass building product!

So, in closing, the moral of the story is… Buyer Beware!

Read the labels carefully and make sure to get only the best high quality products that contain all of the best mass producing ingredients you want, and none of the unwanted sugars and fillers that you don’t want.

Mass GaIner… is definitely one you should consider!

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7 thoughts on “Mass Gainers… What You Need To Know!”

  1. Nathan says:

    I tried this Mass Gainer product and was actually impressed. I felt it worked pretty good for me. I gained about 9 pounds over 2 months while on it, some of the best gains I’ve ever made.

  2. Paul M. says:

    Not bad at all. I used this mixed with chocolate milk as a pre-workout and post-workout shake, then did another shake before bed each day for 8 weeks and had some pretty decent gains.. somewhere between 7-8 lbs. I’d definitely order this again!

  3. Chuck says:

    I’ve used mass gainers before from BSN, Optimum Nutrition, GNC and others… and got nothing but mostly fat from most of them. When I used Gold Medal Supplements product, this mass gainer listed here, I actually built 11 pounds of muscle. I’m quite pleased! I mean, I did have to work hard in the gym and eat a lot and I did most things correctly during the cycle, but hey, 11 pounds is 11 pounds… and I was using nothing else at the time. I’d say that is pretty good for a natural product.

  4. Lewis says:

    2 months on Mass Gainer got me 14 pounds of solud muscle. Its been a few months and I’ve kept virtually all of it. Great stuff!

  5. Rex Tillman says:

    I love this product. Best gains of my life using this stuff!

  6. CJ Billings says:

    Made great gains in just weeks with this product. I will definitely be ordering again.

  7. Phillip R. says:

    Outstanding product in my opinion. I’ve used quite a few mass gainers over the years, but this one had NO SUGARS in it and was as straight up a real mass building (not fat building) product as I’ve ever encountered. I recommend it, and I will definitely be purchasing it again!

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