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5 Reasons Bodybuilders Need Creatine

Creatine is one of the most popular bodybuilding supplements on the market, and with good reason. It can help you build more muscle and perform to your full potential.

Creatine Instant is by far the most absorbable and effective on the planet… being able to accurately boast being 225% more bio-available than regular creatine monohydrate!

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  1. Reason to use Creatine.

Creatine, one of the least expensive muscle-building and sports performance supplements available, is also one of the most effective for bodybuilding. It can give you more energy, bigger muscle pumps, and can help you work out harder and more often so you can get better results from your training.

Creatine helps increase ATP stores (adrenaline triphosphate). ATP is the chemical form of energy your body uses when you move. So essentially, creatine helps you have more energy, especially for quick, intense movements.

Creatine works to raise levels of the chemicals in your body that help you create energy. Because of this fact, it has a number of potential benefits and has been shown through extensive clinical research to be very safe, without adverse health risks.

Taking creatine helps you increase overall workout intensity, which means you will achieve a higher level of muscle mass.

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2. Reason to use Creatine.

Creatine allows you to keep pushing hard in the gym when you would usually have to decrease the load or stop entirely, so this helps build muscle faster.

If you struggle to maintain enough workout volume in your workouts creatine will really benefit you. Remember that you still need to push yourself with each workout session, and feed your body sufficient calories for muscle mass to be built, but supplementing with creatine makes this very possible.

While you might not think of working out at the gym as a sport, the fast, intense movements—especially if you’re into power lifting, Cross Fit, or boot camp—work your body in ways similar to other athletes.

These activities rely primarily on the CP-ATP system, so to ensure you supply yourself with enough creatine phosphate, you should supplement with creatine to ensure you don’t sputter out after a few sprints or exercises.

Put into perspective, a player in a game of hockey taking creatine would not only be able to go harder with each shift they’re on the ice, but they’ll be able to last through more shifts total throughout the game.

Creatine also allows you to train more often, which means quicker and more significant muscular gains.

The more frequently you workout to stimulate muscle, the faster it will grow—provided that you allowed enough rest time to fully grow back after the first stress load that was placed upon it.

3. Reason to use Creatine.

Creatine helps increase the recovery rate of the muscle cells, so you may not require as much total rest time in between workouts.

In retrospect, if you’re someone who usually takes a few days off between workouts, using creatine may allow you to cut this time down to just a single day between workouts. Over time, this will translate to more workouts and will make a real difference in your muscle building results from month to month.

4. Reason to use Creatine.

While muscle pumps weren’t previously thought to help you out physiologically in terms of building muscle mass, they definitely help with motivation levels, and our research has determined that creatine can help shuttle nutrients to muscle cells while hydrating each cell for proper function… maximizing growth potential.

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Creatine increases water volume in your cells, and since glycogen binds to water when it is stored, you get a bigger pump. There’s nothing like seeing a muscle grow at the end of a workout to motivate you to get back into the gym and do it again a day or two later. This consistency in your training will further maximize your gains.

Usually you’ll see the highest muscle pumps when you initially begin taking creatine and are doing the loading phase, then it will level off as your body gets used to having creatine in your system.

5. Reason to use Creatine.

Creatine can also help you increase metabolic rate. This is great news if you’re currently looking for fat-loss solutions, since how many calories you burn on a daily basis has a significant impact on how quickly you see progress.

Sprint cardio training is one of the best ways to boost your metabolic rate, and sprinting relies strictly on ATP as a fuel source, so supplementing with creatine allows you to have a better sprint performance during your weight-loss phase.

Additionally, lowering your carbohydrate intake if shooting for weight loss often results in lower levels of energy, making it harder to get through your typical interval sessions.

By adding creatine to your regimen you can help offset this fatigue so, at the very least, you can maintain what you would normally do while not on a fat-loss diet.

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  1. Juan H. says:

    I use the Creatine Instant and LOVE it! I get better pumps from using less product, and I didn’t even need to front load like so many other places say you need to do. Not so with Creatine Instant. This is the best creatine I have ever used.

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    Best I’ve ever used!

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    I have been using the creatine instant from Gold Medal Supplements for months… And I think it’s great! I get better stamina and strength from the stuff that anything I’ve ever used. I’ll never stop using it.

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