6. Supplements

Fast Muscle System 6. Supplements


There are many schools of thought on the need for supplements for building muscle mass, but trust me when I say… they are MUCH needed if you want to OPTIMIZE your muscle growth. Not only that, they are crucial if you want to build muscle as fast as possible.

The reason for this is over-farming and the depletion of nutrients from our soils and crops. This translates into our meat consumption too because our meat sources feed on vegetation as well, just like we do…so, at the end of the day, our protein, veggies and fruits are all sorely missing a large portion of the nutrients they used to possess. It is estimated that our food supply is less than HALF as nutritious as what our grandparents use to eat…so, try telling me that supplements are not needed and I’ll tell you that a bunch of BUNK.

Not only that… I’ve SEEN the huge difference that the right supplementation can make… even to highly experienced athletes, so I know from whence I speak with over 39 years of experience with bodybuilding, nutrition and supplements under my belt… they ARE needed, and they are needed BADLY…especially by anyone looking to build muscle fast!

The over-farming epidemic has caused the pervasive and widespread problem in that you simply don’t get the nutrients you need to grow optimally, and no matter how much food you try to eat, you will not be able to replace all that is missing. This means you do not grow like you should… not even close!

Not only that,.. even if you did get the best nutrition possible from foods (which you never will) you STILL could not get anywhere near as close to maximizing your muscle growth potential as you can using the innovative new super food nutraceutical supplements that we have developed through research, technology and time. These new super pure and hyper-effective nutritional supplements are not your father’s old supplements any more. They are enriched, highly potent and highly pure advanced nutraceuticals that give exponentially more effective results than at any other time in nutrition history. They truly are high potency anabolic supplements that work!

The way to obliterate the old ways of gaining muscle is to use this new wave of advanced nutritional supplements that intelligently feed your muscle cells exactly what they need to maximize and optimize your muscle cell’s growth… and that is exactly what we have developed for you here.

Listed below you will find our most advanced nutritional supplements that have been designed specifically to conquer muscle building plateaus. They punch a hole right through limiting genetics to provide new muscle gains well beyond what normal genetic potential would allow. Things have gotten this good!

When it comes to supplements, we have outlined for you below exactly what you need to make great gains fast… if you use these supplements along with a well-designed exercise program (found here) and a great nutritional program (found here) … You Will Grow!

… Your body simply won’t have any other choice.

Here are the 4 most potent supplements you need for fast muscle growth…

These 4 supplements are ideal for rapid muscle growth and will optimize your body to it’s maximum potential for building lots of new muscle mass as fast as possible.

The great thing about these supplements is that, unlike with steroids, drugs and hormones, the gains you get from these products are REAL GAINS, they are PERMANENT GAINS and they are 100% HEALTHY GAINS!

No steroid, hormone or drug can ever say that.

Moving on, while the above 4 supplements are the most critical (and highly recommended) to maximize your muscle mass gains fast, there are other supplements you may benefit from as well…

For example:

If you are building muscle, you obviously are going to want to eat like a horse. You can’t limit food intake when trying to muscle up fast, that’s just counter-productive. You need to eat like a horse.. that much you need to understand.

A possibility of something that MAY happen in the course of doing this though is that along the way you might pick up a little extra fat… how much depends on you, your genetics, how much you ate and how clean (or not) you have been eating.. This is no big deal, because if this were to happen, it is easily rectified by using a powerful and totally safe and effective fat cutter like:

These two products are great at cutting any excess fat. And the only real difference between the two (aside from ingredients) is that Thin Fast contains caffeine, so we created Fat Burn as an alternative for those who might be sensitive to caffeine products. Otherwise, they both work equally well. So, that potential problem of a little excess fat weight is already solved.

Moving along with our quest for fast muscle, we also have other powerful muscle building supplements and muscle building stacks that can be used with highly effective results. Some examples of these are:

MASS GAINER STACK which is a very powerful 4 ingredient stack that is nothing short of amazing for building mass, strength and stamina. Not only have we had numerous reviews of great gains being made with this stack, but these gains come quickly as well. Add to that fact that the gains made with this stack are REAL and PERMANENT makes the Mass Gainer Stack yet another excellent choice for the fast muscle gain enthusiast.

 POWER & STRENGTH is yet another very potent and highly effective supplement made for those who struggle with and / or simply want to get stronger. A LOT STRONGER! It gives a big boost in your ability to lift more so you can gain more muscle mass. Believe me, this product gives that in spades! Each high quality and very pure ingredient in Power & Strength is designed to do one thing, and it does this superbly well… it improves your ability to lift a lot more weight! It effectively makes you stronger. More strength allows you to lift more weight which equates to getting bigger… Pretty simple concept. Power & Strength does all this, and it does it in a very noticeable way!

ANABOLIC GROW is another potent anabolic supplement, great for increasing protein synthesis for lean, keepable muscle mass gains fast! Anabolic Grow stacks well with virtually any other supplement for an added muscle building component that truly maximizes muscle growth potential!

SUPER BCAA’s is a power packed version of the muscle building trio of amino acids best known for their ability for building, saving and recovery of muscle tissue… L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine. Supplied in a superior 4-1-1 ratio for optimum protein synthesis and muscle building ability, Super BCAA’s are a must have for any serious athlete…especially those looking to build muscle fast!

ANDRO is a powerful testosterone booster that is the most powerful all natural testosterone booster that we know of. Sporting increases of free flowing testosterone of well over 300% over base line, this product is surely ready, willing and able to help you build tons of new lean, keepable muscle fast.

Now, we have covered a lot in the last few pages… but I hope it has been relatively quick and painless for you to read. I understand it can be a bit overwhelming to try to understand everything to put together a cohesive plan for yourself…so, if you are experiencing any indecision as to what to do, please, by all means, email me or text me here: 610-751-7647 for help.

I will be more than happy to help set you on a road to the fastest muscle gains you have ever seen!

The end.

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