4. Food Timing

Fast Muscle System 4. Food Timing


The timing of the intake of nutrition is an often over-looked aspect to building a sound program for fast muscle gains… fortunately, we here at the FAST MUSCLE PROGRAM do not over-look this super important piece of the muscle building puzzle.

Actually, the timing of taking in your nutrients can be VERY important to making fast muscle gains… so we’ll dig in a bit here to give you a better understanding as to how you should go about setting up your meal and nutritional intake timing… Here we go…

The best way to tackle this is by doing so with a total day approach, that is, we will look at this issue as though we are starting a new day from the moment of getting up until it’s time to go to bed. Try to make this approach fit into your personal lifestyle as best you can and it will help you tremendously to make much faster gains!


Ok, so when you wake up… regardless of what time it is, your body has just experienced the longest “fasting” of the day… in other words, you’ve just gone without food, nutrition and supplements for the longest period of time that you normally ever will…so, we need to do something about it and fast!

The very first thing you want to do is get certain nutrients / supplements in your body to start the day off in an anabolic (muscle building) state so your body is primed and ready to grow. At this time I recommend two things:

1. Take an Agmatine Sulfate supplement

2. Take a Whey Protein Shake (approx) 25 grams)

In that order… take the Agmatine Sulfate supplements first, followed 30 minutes or so later by the whey protein shake.


This accomplished two very important things. The Agmatine Sulfate supplement begins the day by vasodilating (relaxing and opening) your veins and arteries for much better blood flow which greatly improves nutrient uptake to all of the cells of the body through expanded veins, arteries and capillaries… including the main target… your “muscle cells”, so much needed amino acids, vitamins, minerals and other muscle building catalysts can flow freely to your muscle cells. Then the Whey Protein gives the body a quick source of amino acids and complete proteins and nutrients needed to resume muscle growth, and the  This results in additional and faster muscle growth.


Moving on with your day, the next thing we want to do, approximately 45 – 60 minutes later (if possible) is prepare our morning or first meal of the day (which we call breakfast). The exact timing for this is not etched in stone, but do try to keep it around one hour or so after your Agmatine Supplement and Whey Protein Shake. For this meal you should consume a hefty portion of high quality protein, approx 2 grams per pound of your body weight. Also include some healthy carbohydrates and fats and you may consume fruit at this time, (but not too much fruit). Examples of appropriate nutrition can be found on our Importance of Good Nutrition page. Whole eggs (not just the egg whites) are stupendous for a nutritious, muscle building breakfast! You need the extra cholesterol in the yolks to build muscle!


Next, and within 2 hours of the first meal of the day (your breakfast) you should consume another Whey Protein Shake. (approx 25 grams). You could also eat one piece of fruit and / or some assorted nuts. No more than a small handful of nuts would be sufficient.


The next meal of the day (we call it lunch) we suggest once again to pick a selection of high protein and nutritious foods from our Importance of Good Nutrition page. This is the go-to page for basic nutritional ideas, but please do remember there are many other highly nutritious foods you can eat as well. Our Importance of Good Nutrition page simply gives a basic list of foods to choose from. You can use Google to find many, many more examples. Just be sure to get as well-rounded a meal as possible.

If you have any questions, or need some meal examples, don’t hesitate to ask us for some examples… we can give you some, and a simple Google search can unleash an endless supply of highly nutritious muscle building meal ideas.

Here is a recipe database you might want to try that can help you choose other foods to use for all meals! It’s a really great healthy food database.


2 hours later you will want to have another Whey Protein Shake. With this shake you can also add a little fruit and a small handful of some assorted nuts. This is a good time to get some of the nutritional benefits from the fruits and the healthy fats from the nuts. Do NOT consume fruits past the mid-way point of your day!


The third meal of the day (dinner) is next. Once again, with this meal you should select food combinations from Importance of Good Nutrition page. At this meal be liberal with proteins and healthy carbohydrates from fresh vegetables only. Do NOT consume fruits at this time! You should NOT consume fruits for the rest of the day.

Important – We recommend eating any fruits you are going to eat within the first half of your day. You do NOT want to eat any fruits during the second half of the day. All carbs during the second half of the day should come only from fresh vegetables. You may have healthy fats, but choose wisely from our Importance of Good Nutrition page.


Night time snack – you may want to have a night time snack, which should be a small meal of high quality protein (Whey Protein approx 25 grams is once again good for this) but you can substitute with something else, like a small piece of steak, fish, cottage cheese or some other high quality protein source, You can also add in with this a few celery sticks, carrots of small salad. (some form of fresh vegetable)


Finally, to end your day, right before bed it is important to get a protein meal to allow for growth to continue while you sleep. This is hugely important because during sleep your body has the absolute best opportunity to build and grow because at this time you not expending energy for daily activities. This allows nutrition to be used for growth instead of daily activities. On top of that, during sleep is when your body releases more pulses of human growth hormone than at any other time of day and this optimizes the body’s chances for growth, so it is vital to have an abundant supply of amino acids (protein’s building blocks) available to the muscles at this time so they can grow to their fullest potential, and do so as fast as possible. For this we recommend eating a high quality food protein source like:

  • Lean Beef. (a staple if you want to gain muscle mass)
  • Skinless Chicken.
  • Cottage Cheese.
  • Eggs.
  • Whey Protein.
  • Tuna and Other Fish.

Additionally, you should drink another 25 gram Whey Protein Shake at this time. The combination of the two gives you both faster and slower digesting proteins to keep the body anabolic as long as possible, Exactly what you want for that long period of not eating while your sleeping.

There are some hard-core athletes who will actually set their alarm clock for the middle of the night to wake up to consume yet another whey protein shake in the middle of the night… but we leave this to you as to whether or not you can afford the interrupted sleep. Not many people can afford to lose sleep like this… but if you can do it, great. It would be another feather in your cap on the way to even faster muscle gains.

Again, this is all a basic overview… there are countless variations to all of this being said and this is a good, sound basic guideline for you to go by. There will always be small exceptions and differences in anyone’s training compared to others… but this is a great basic platform from where to guide yourself from!

One takeaway I want you to remember from this page is that a good assortment of green leafy vegetables is very important for you to be eating regularly… for all the vitamins and minerals they provide. Same is true of cruciferous veggies. You have got to get good portions and a nice assortment  of these in your diet on a regular (daily) basis in order to make maximum gains. You have got to eat your greens and cruciferous veggies to make great gains…and they should be RAW like in a salad. Cooked veggies lose much of their value…so eat them raw whenever possible. Hopefully that is always!

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