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Anabolic Supplements That Really Work!

When searching the internet and local stores for supplements that can truly build muscle, it is hard to know what you can and cannot believe. There is so much hype and misinformation out there that it can boggle the mind!

Putting all the hype and mumbo jumbo aside, the true measure of any anabolic supplement is in their ability to create muscle protein synthesis.

And it is through muscle protein synthesis that anabolic steroids do their magic and are so effective for building muscle. This is the process by which proteins you consume in the form of food, protein shakes etc get broken down into their usable forms (amino acids) and transported into muscle cells for growth.

This is the exact same process by which the 3 supplements listed below do their magic, and it is the reason why they are so highly effective at building large amounts of lean, permanent muscle mass…

Let’s take a closer look at each…

First we have… MPS

(short for Muscle Protein Synthisizer)

MPS - Anabolic Muscle Protein Synthesizer

MPS is designed to do one thing, and one thing only… and that is act exactly like a powerful anabolic steroid, but without any of their negative side effects.

MPS breaks down proteins into the most basic building blocks of muscle (amino acids) and then actually shuttles them directly into your muscle cells where they can illicit outstanding muscle growth… exactly the same way steroids work, but MPS has no negative side effects and is actually very healthy for you.

Users have reported excellent results from this supplement!

It’s completely innovative, with cutting edge ingredients and quite simply…

… it works amazingly!


The next anabolic powerhouse to talk about is…


PROTEUS - Anabolic Supplement by Gold Medal Supplements

Proteus is simply amazing in it’s effectiveness at building new muscle mass. The main ingredient (20 Beta-Ecdysterone) is clinically proven to be more effective mg for mg than Dianabol, the most anabolic steroid of all time!

Proteus also has the unique ability to actually transport muscle building amino acids and nutrients directly into muscle cells to optimize fantastic muscle growth potential!


Last, but not least we’d like to talk about…


EPIBOL - Anabolic Supplement by Gold Medal Supplements

Epibol is a blend of 2 unique active main ingredients (Epicatechin and Laxogenenin) both of which are clinically proven to be very anabolic, and when combined they work synergistically to give powerful anabolic benefits!

Muscle building, fat shredding and nutrient shuttling are all to be had with this great anabolic supplement. And this particular formula has twice the active main ingredients of any other like product that we know of. It is quite powerful.


There you have it… the above 3 anabolic supplements are the most effective natural muscle builders available anywhere. With tons of actual clinical trials and studies to back them up… you cannot go wrong using any (or all 3) of the above anabolic supplements.