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How To Increase Your Testosterone Levels

Here’s How To Increase Your Testosterone Levels

Did you know that your testosterone levels start to decline in your mid 20’s to early thirties?

Some sources cite test being down 30%+ when you hit your early 40’s.

That sucks! That means you gain fat easier, your energy drains faster, and you can’t put on as much muscle… not to mention the side-effects in the bedroom!

Well – the good news is, there is a lot you can do about it.

A lot of guys these days are opting for TRT – Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

I am much more a fan of boosting Testosterone levels naturally.

And that’s why I am excited to share with you our Andro Test Booster.

It’s the best test booster formula on the market today – it is LEGIT.

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ANDRO - Testosterone Boosting Supplement by Gold Medal Supplements

Andro is a powerful all natural testosterone booster who’s main ingredient has been proven in clinical studies to elevate free testosterone levels to 637% over baseline. It’s great to use for shorter term (2-3 months) as part of a bodybuilding cycle for it’s strong muscle building and fat shredding capabilities.

Another great product is TestiMax.

TestiMax is a great testosterone boosting product designed for long term use. It is great for muscle building, helps shed fat and also helps increase libido, and is mild enough to use every day for extended periods of time.

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TESTIMAX - Testosterone Boosting Supplement by Gold Medal Supplements

An issue in testosterone boosting that is often overlooked is that of controlling estrogen.

See, some of the testosterone within your body gets broken down into estrogen and DHT which can lessen testosterone’s beneficial effects. When that happens we lose some of the muscle building, fat shredding and libido enhancing properties of free testosterone. This can cause negative side effects such as: acne, water retention and gynomastia.

Good news is…we can control estrogen with a powerful anti-estrogen so we can retain the benefits of free testosterone and eliminate side effects. The best product for this job us called Aromatase Inhibitor.

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AROMATASE INHIBITOR - Estrogen Control Supplement by Gold Medal Supplements

Aromatase Inhibitor can be used with either Andro or TestiMax to control estrogen and DHT production to get the absolute best results from those testosterone boosting products.

Aromatase Inhibitor can also be used to prevent aromatization from steroid cycles as well, as it can effectively help control estrogen and DHT no matter what you are using,… it can even boost free testosterone levels even if you are not using anything at all!

That all being said… if you are serious about elevating free testosterone levels, Andro, TestiMax and Aromatase Inhibitor should definitely be in your arsenal to make it happen.

They are among the most powerful products of their kind on the market.