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Serving Size: 2 Capsules
Serving per container: 30
Beta Sitosterol......... 300 mg*
Pygeum................... 100 mg*
Phytosterols............ 590 mg*
Piperine.................... 10 mg*

* RDA not established.


Take 2 capsules before bed or
as directed by a physician.
Do not exceed 2 capsules per day.
Take with 8 oz of water.

The most potent prostate health supplement around! More active ingredients than Super Beta Prostate. With continued use it helps alleviate symptoms from enlarged prostate and BPH!

BETA-SITOSTEROL PROSTATE – highly effective drug and hormone-free prostate health formula contains: Beta-Sitosterol, Pygeum and Phytosterols. Most effective prostate health formula available for men for restoring health and normal function of the prostate, while reducing need and urgency for frequent urination. Effective relief and reversal of symptoms from BPH. Strongest formula on the market. Even stronger than Super Beta Prostate.. and it’s cheaper too! Excellent stand-alone product who’s effects can be enhanced even more with a healthy prostate friendly diet.

  • Extremely Important: for much faster relief from the inflammation issues associated with BPH many of our customers also use our highly effective anti-inflammatory RESTORE (found here) in conjunction with Beta-Sitosterol Prostate for a few months to get inflammation under control quicker. Doing so forms a powerful prostate health protocol using safe, highly effective all natural ingredients that effectively control any kind of inflammation, and they’re proven to be completely safe and highly effective at reducing BPH inflammation. These two supplements together form a powerful prostate health solution that gets results! Users report faster and much more effective relief when these two supplements are used together. We highly recommend using RESTORE with Beta-Sitosterol Prostate, at least for a few months, to get BPH inflammation under control. Once you have the inflammation well under control, then you can just continue taking the Beta-Sitosterol Prostate supplement as your maintenance protocol. 

Main benefits:

* # 1 Rated Formula
* Healthy For You
* Multiple Ingredients
* Shrinks Prostate
* Reduces Urination
* Non Steroidal
* Can Safely Use Continually

Don't wait another minute to begin restoring your prostate health back to normal... 

This product has been shown to be one of the most effective available for the purpose of shrinking an enlarged prostate. With more active ingredients than the leading brands, Beta-Sitosterol Prostate is your best long-term therapy option for ongoing relief from enlarged prostate and symptoms of BPH. And for even faster relief, many customers use our RESTORE product as well for at least the first few months of therapy to speed inflammation reduction giving much faster relief from the ravages of BPH symptoms, helping restore urine flow much more quickly while providing more complete relief from symptoms.

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