What’s the best supplement for building muscle size?

What’s the best supplement for building muscle size?

If you’re searching for “what’s the best supplement for muscle size?” … you are most likely getting inundated with countless search results, and many may have some of the same old fake rehashed answers … some may not.

This makes things very confusing, and makes you unsure of what the real truth is, to say the least. Well, I’m going to make the answer glaringly simple for you, and push my company’s products at the same time because the answer to what supplements are the best to use for building muscle size and my company’s products are one in the same.

Hello, my name is Collin Kirkpatrick.

I’d like you to be aware of something first… I own a supplement company called Gold Medal Supplements, and I formed this company over 38 years ago for a reason… and one reason only. To make the absolute most effective supplements to build muscle… period.

The company used to be called SteelForce-Bodybuilding, and was later changed to Muscle Fitness Nutrition…

… now it’s called Gold Medal Supplements.

We’re a no frills, no fancy labels and no fancy advertising kind of company… we do none of that.

We do nothing but concentrate on making the best supplements on the planet. Better than everyone else… including the biggest and most well known brands you see everywhere on the internet in places like Bodybuilding.com, and at local stores like GNC and  many others.

There is no company on earth, including these giant supplement companies and retailers, who makes a better muscle building supplement than Gold Medal Supplements.

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So, if you truly are looking for the absolute best supplements to build muscle size, I mean supplements that really truly work… this is exactly the place to get them!

To give a more exact answer to the question…

I would need to say there isn’t just one single supplement that is best for building muscle size… there are a few. And actually, when used together these supplements do a fantastic job of powerfully optimizing your body in such a way as to create a super-charged anabolic (muscle building) condition within your body so much so that it will make it hard NOT to grow!

The products you should seek out specifically are:




These three supplements, when used together create a super-charged stack that when combined together give absolutely fantastic results!

And there you have it… nothing complicated, no BS and no hype.

I’ve given you an honest, straight-forward and factual answer as to what supplements truly work the best to build muscle size. An even cooler fact is that these supplements are all 100% natural and they are actually very GOOD for your health!

Can’t beat that.

I highly recommend these three supplements to you if your real goal is to build as much new, lean and 100% keepable muscle size as possible. These supplements work extremely well… especially when used together!

If you have any questions, feel free to email me directly here.

Best of luck to you…