Creatine Instant
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Serving Size: 5 Grams
Serving per container: 90
Creatine Monohydrate Instant
............................. 5 Grams*
* RDA not established.


Week 1 - two rounded tspn.
(10 grams) in cool sports drink
or sugary drink like Kool-Aid.

Week 2 & beyond
1 rounded tspn.
(5 grams)

Begin sipping 1/2 hour before
workout consuming as follows:

1/4 of drink pre-workout

1/4 intra-workout
Remainder post-workout


CREATINE INSTANT is an excellent muscle building Creatine source… the absolute best there is actually! It mixes instantly and is 225% more bioavailable and effective than regular Monohydrate!

What we have here is a rare, high quality muscle building product that is so much more powerful than regular creatine, and of higher quality than any other instant formula I’ve ever seen out there anywhere! It truly is better than any other creatine we have encountered anywhere (and we have looked hard!).
Anyways, if you want great lean muscle, this awesome creatine should be in your muscle building supplement regimen… trust me, you will notice a big difference!

Offered in bulk (1 lb.) in money saving foil pouches… which keeps the shipping weight down and helps us keep the price as low as possible, these pouches are water resistant and re-sealable to keep your creatine fresh and potent!

I can sell you 1 lb., and it would come in the aforementioned re-sealable foil pouch. This would easily be enough for a 2 month run. And trust me, this stuff is awesome. You will notice the difference!

What it will do for you is…

First, using it couldn’t be easier… you simply add it to a cold drink like Gatorade, PowerAide or some other sports drink… even KoolAide or water can be used, but no juice or acidic drinks because acid kills creatine.

It dissolves completely and easily.. it’s instantized!

Then you simply sip on this drink before, during and immediately after workouts, It gives your body the ability to keep manufacturing ATP which gives you more energy and power… improves stamina, and improves your ability to lift heavier. Basically it gives you more:

* Cellulor Energy (MORE STAMINA)
* Volumizes & Hydrates Cells (MUSCLE PUMPS)
* Shuttles Protein to Muscle Cells (HIGHLY ANABOLIC)
* Makes You Stronger (MORE STRENGTH)

It gives you everything a bodybuilder wants and needs!

Look, there are so many options available these days for bodybuilders, most of which are junk… but they cloud the truth enough to make even the smartest bodybuilder forget the most fundamentally needed supplements that do the most good for muscle growth.

Creatine (especially Creatine Instant) is definitely one of those super important supplements! And you might be thinking, “I can get creatine anywhere”… but here’s a newsflash for you…


THIS version of creatine… CREATINE INSTANT is the best there is anywhere.. hands down! It gives MORE STRENGTHMORE STAMINAMORE PUMP and MORE MUSCLE than any other creatine made. And you can’t get it anywhere else. It is only available here at the Gold Medal Supplements store.

CREATINE INSTANT gives unbeatable muscle building, power, energy and stamina. By far the most effective form of creatine available. Stacks well with virtually any other anabolic. This creatine is very pure and the most bio-available attainable, hence it is very strong. Many people do well with half the recommended dose, but for optimum performance we still recommend to mix 5 grams (1 rounded teaspoon) in your favorite water based drink (no acidic juices) and you’ll have the most effective creatine available anywhere helping you to build more muscle mass, increase strength, improve endurance and volumize every muscle cell in your body! No serious bodybuilder or athlete should be without!

Main benefits:

* More Cellulor Energy (More Stamina)
* Highly Anabolic (More Muscle)
* Hydrates Cells (Muscle Pumps)
* Increased Power (More Strength)
* Proven Highly Effective
* Creatine Instant is absorbed faster than Monohydrate.
* Creatine Instant -90% absorption, Monohydrate 40%.
* Creatine Instant is 225% more bioavailable.
* Creatine Instant is 100% water soluble.
* Creatine Instant is 10x more soluble.

Without any doubt, this creatine is the most effective creatine attainable. 225% more bio-available than regular monohydrate, the benchmark for all creatines. No serious bodybuilder or athlete should be training without it! The additional gains you can make from this one simple addition to your training regimen will astound you.


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