HANGOVER PILLS - proven way to reduce and prevent hangover from alcohol consumption!


We want to help you sober up quicker, and recover faster and easier too from the ravaging effects of drinking alcohol so you can feel good again quickly... and we do exactly that with HANGOVER PILLS! This product is a proven, safe and effective way to reduce and prevent hangovers from alcohol consumption. Simply take 1 capsule per each 3-4 alcoholic drinks you embibe (while drinking) and then another 2 capsules before bed with plenty of water greatly reduces the effects of alcohol and helps prevent nasty hangovers from occuring. 30 capsules per bottle, typically treats 5 - 6 drinking episodes. An inexpensive way to protect oneself and feel better after alcohol consumption. Stacks well with LIVER DETOX.


  • Prevents Hangovers
  • Sobers You Up Quicker
  • Reduce Alcohol Withdrawal
  • Protect Liver From Toxicity
  • Safe & Effective

    Serving Size: 1 Capsule
    Serving per container: 30
    Dihydromyricetin... 333 mg*
    Piperine..................... 5 mg*


    1 Time Purchase $15

    Monthly Auto-Ship $15


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