Benefits of Hexadrone

If you are bodybuilding and looking for a way to add lean muscle mass with no water retention or negative side effects… Hexadrone is the ideal product for you! This article tells about the benefits and the science behind this amazing compound. In this article you will get a clear idea about this amazing compound.

What is Hexadrone?

Hexadrone can be chemically defined as 6-chloro-androst-4-ene-3-one-17b-ol. It is marketed into the market as a prohormone, but it is technically actually a steroid. It offers prominent dry, lean muscle gain and improved strength to all those who use it. In this compound, aromatase has no significant effect since the compound present in it is not converted into estrogen and so it has a prominent role in lean muscle gain, and recomposition.

Overall, it is dry, potent and non-methylated hormone which can be used solo or stacked with almost any other anabolic. If you are looking for sloppy bulk then it is not the product you want to use.

Benefits of this amazing compound

It is capable adding about 8-12 lbs of lean muscles with zero water retention in as short as an 8 week time frame.

It’s also capable of bringing improved strength to your body.

When stacked with other anabolics, it can be employed as an AI. Additionally, this compound cannot be converted to estrogen.

Being an active compound, it doesn’t require conversion inside the body, which technically makes it a steroid. It is often mistakenly referred to as a prohormone.

It possess strong ratio of androgenic vs. anabolic… its about 300:1.

Since it is non-methylated, it’s easy on the liver and its functioning.

It offers a hard look and superb pumps from the fast swelling effect of the cells from glycogen storage.

Possible Side effects

Hexadrone is quite similar to androgens like M1, 4ADD and Halodrol in it’s effectiveness. But its toxicity level is much lower and milder when compared to other compounds on the market. Also, it is a non-methylated compound and hence it doesnt have any adverse side effects like many other anabolic compounds. Since it is a steroid, proper cycle therapy is recommended.

Proper Dosing of Hexadrone

Its advised to consume about 100 mg of the compound per day divided into 2 doses each of 50 mg. It is ideal for men who should take (1) 50 mg capsule twice per day.

Science behind this ideal compound

Hexadrone is ideal for reducing estrogen, and thereby it plays a role as an anti-aromatase. This reduced estrogen content lowers the negative effects of the compound. It’s reported this product is very mild when compared to other anabolic’s on the market.

You can also stack these compounds with wetter products if looking to bulk or cut while keeping results somewhat dry. This helps keep side effects from those wetter anabolic’s to a minimum.


Hexadrone is the perfect solution to build lean muscle mass while eliminating fat from your body. It’s anabolic capabilities are excellent for improving lean muscle mass while shedding fat with virtually no side effects. It’s versatile in nature. It has little to no side effects, and it increases lean muscle mass gains, strength and fat loss.

It’s ideal for anyone who wants to build lean muscle mass and shed fat with virtually no side effects. Finding real Hexadrone these days is not easy to do. We know of one trusted source you can you can get it from. You can get a copy of their complete product / price list by requesting it here. They can ship this product discreetly and safely to your door step in a matter of days!


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