Natural Bodybuilding Supplements
Natural Bodybuilding Supplements

MASS professional strength muscle builder enhances muscle strength and increases lean muscle mass for competitive athletes focused on maximizing strength and size gains. Here are the ingredients in MASS and what they do: 

Phosphatidic Acid (PA), is a phospholipid molecule that plays an important role in activating the mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR). mTOR activation is required to promote muscle gains. mTOR regulates protein synthesis in skeletal muscle mass and effectively “turns on” muscle protein synthesis in response to resistance exercise. mTOR controls the anabolic signalling of skeletal muscle mass resulting in the modulation of muscle hypertrophy. PA has been clinically proven to exert a favorable impact on muscle growth and strength and may be the spark you need for limitless growth! 

Laxogenin, short for 5-Alpha-Hydroxy-Laxogenin, is a naturally occurring steroidal sapogenin taken from the plant Smilax Sieboldii. It is similar in structure to ecdysterone, another widely supplemented plant-derived anabolic compound. Researchers were astonished to learn that Laxogenin actually possesses an anabolic/androgenic ratio similar to that of Anavar (Oxandrolone), one of the most popular and powerful steroids of all time! However, unlike the synthetic steroid, Laxogenin is all natural and non-hormonal, which means it doesn’t put you at risk for the potential liver damage and other health consequences that come with anabolic steroid abuse. Studies showed that Laxogenin significantly increases muscle protein synthesis as much as 200% and has also been found to substantially reduce protein breakdown. Laxogenin also exhibits adaptogenic traits, helping your body “normalize” its stress response. Additionally, Laxogenin can synergize with other anabolic compounds and can improve injury recovery, reduce pain, and improve cholesterol levels. 

Epicatechin, increases follistatin levels which inhibit myostatin in the body to effectively ‘remove the brakes’ on muscle growth. Epicatechin has been shown to enhance muscle growth and strength, increase NO production, maximise endurance and improve general health. Epicatechin has also been the subject of several studies that have uncovered a host of physiological benefits, including: enhancing muscle growth and strength naturally via a novel pathway, increasing nitric oxide production for improved vascularity, blood flow and endurance, improving insulin sensitivity, regulating blood sugar levels and stimulating muscle protein synthesis, lowering cholesterol levels due to its natural antioxidant properties and improving brain and heart health. 

As you can see, the ingredients in MASS offer quite a powerful array of muscle building benefits! 

MASS enables your body to shuttle proteins directly into muscle cells to enable the building of lean, and 100% keepable muscle mass. Used in addition to a your exercise and sound nutrition plan, Gold Medal Supplements MASS can give you really amazing results! Another great fact about MASS is that you can take it continuously for continued muscle gains. That means you can CONTINUE TO GROW as long as you keep using MASS! So, for your convenience you can now take advantage of continual muscle mass growth by ordering MASS on auto-ship below! Each bottle is a 1 month supply. Don’t leave awesome muscle growth on the table. Order awesome muscle building MASS today! MASS also stacks well with:


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Stimulates mTOR Activity, Increases Lean Mass, Increases Strength, Promotes Recovery, Analgesic (Relieves Pain), Improves blood sugar regulation, Reduces LDL “Bad” Cholesterol, Improves NO and Endurance, Improves Thyroid Function, Limits Protein Breakdown, Combats Inflammation, Reduces Body Fat, Safe & Effective, Hormone Free, Side-Effect Free

Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Servings Per Container: 60
*Phosphatidic Acid


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