Natural bodybuilding supplements have come a long way since the beginning. Gone are the days of just using creatine, protein powders and the like. Instead, these days science has learned proper formulations and synergistic combinations can catapult normal every day amino acids and herbal extracts etc into exponentially stronger products... some of which rival low to medium level steroids in their effectiveness..



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    A long time has passed since the old days when you just popped a few amino acid pills, chugged down a protein shake and were on your way to the gym. These days, with endless science backed studies and years of dedicated research by scientific teams of researchers, we have gotten to a point where natural bodybuilding supplements often times rival the effectiveness of low to even medium level anabolic steroids! And that is saying a lot.

    And while we know there are countless "juicers" out there who will argue that this could never be, that is sadly to their own detriment. You just will never win over these people (and steroid users are often the worst) who will stubbornly think and believe what they want to beleive regardless of the real truth and fact. They will go on saying that natural products can never match steroids in effectiveness...and while there is some truth that the strongest steroids have not yet been matched by scientifically enhnaced natural products, it is definitely NOT true of the lower to medium level steroids.

    Too bad these guys will never reap the benefits of this new generation of healthy fitness supplements!

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