PEA PROTEIN CONCENTRATE - Super High Quality Plant-Based Muscle Protein!


For those who can't, or prefer not to use whey or animal-based proteins.. You can still get all the high powered, high quality, bio-available protein your body needs for superior muscle growth and optimum health with our highest grade.. PEA PROTEIN CONCENTRATE! This awesome product is a big 2 LB. foil pouch of highly anabolic muscle building protein that gives your body everything it needs to build plenty of lean, keepable muscle mass gains. And because it is bio-enhanced, you get more out of it. A little goes a longer way! Our Pea Protein Concentrate will give you excellent results each and every time! Our Pea Protein Concentrate is truly in a class by itself with a vast array of high quality amino acids for muscle growth, plus it is super bio-enhanced with both piperine and digestive enzymes to fully optimize it's absorption. And being offered in a convenient and large 2 LB. foil re-sealable pouch to preserve freshness, Gold Medal Supplements Bio-Enhanced Pea Protein Concentrate is the cream of the crop when it comes to pea and plant-based proteins! Don't be fooled by more expensive Isolates and Hydrolized versions. They offer no more value than our Pea Concentrate! And our Pea Protein Concentrate stacks well with MASS and virtually any other of our fine Gold Medal Supplements products. This is a 1 months supply. Don't leave this page without ordering a supply of super high quality, bio-enhanced Pea Protein Concentrate. It's the best there is!
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  • Enhanced Absorption
  • High In Amino Acids
  • Builds Muscle Mass
  • Low In Cholesterol
  • Safe & Effective
  • Hormone Free
  • Low In Fat

    Serving Size: Approx 30 Grams
    Serving per container: 33
    Protein............... 23 grams*
    Carbohydrates....... 6 grams*
    Fat........................ .02 grams*
    Cholesterol............... .02 mg*


    1 Time Purchase $40

    Monthly Auto-Ship $40


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