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Personalized bodybuilding supplements are not very common right now, but they are a slowly growing trend in the bodybuilding and sports nutrition world.. and with good reason.

Gone are the days of just blindly trusting your bodybuilding and sports nutritional needs to supplement companies with one vision... to mass produce generic supplements and sell them at break-neck speed to anyone who comes along and believes the hype in their ads and on their labels.  That just doesn't cut it when it comes to YOUR body's individual nutritional needs. You need specific nutrition to reach YOUR goals and centered around YOUR lifestyle and body type.

That where Gold Medal Supplements steps in!

We have been experts in the bodybuilding and sports nutrition realm for over 38 years. Much longer than most all of the major brands, and with that lengthy existence comes experience...and lots of it.

See, Gold Medal Supplements is a smaller company by design. We have never wanted to get big. We wanted to stay smaller to be able to offer the absolute best customer service experience while concentrating on creating not only the best overall products in both quality and effectiveness, but also so we could do something like that.. and that is, to be in a position to be able to create small batch, personalized bodybuilding supplements for our customers at no extra charge whatsoever!

Bigger companies just can't do that... but we can! :-)

The bottom line is this... personalized bodybuilding supplements offer you the opportunity to get exactly what your body needs to be able to optimize your body to the fullest, reaping vast rewards in RESULTS towards the goals that you've set out to accomplish!

That's what our personalized bodybuilding supplements gives you. That's a HUGE advantage over traditional supplementation. we give you exactly what YOUR body needs for exactly what YOUR personal goals are... nothing more... nothing less. You wind up saving money while also getting exactly what's going to give your body the most benefits. That's more bang for the buck for your hard earned dollars, and that's more bang for the buck in real world results!

Isn't that what you want?

I know it is. Only a fool would keep buying supplements the old fashioned way when there is a company around with extremely experienced and dedicated nutritional experts ready and waiting to fulfill your order of the most power-packed and explosively effective supplements that will catapult your body to new heights of real world results...and at less cost than usual as well.

That's what our personalized bodybuilding supplements program is all about... it's FREE, it consts nothing additional.. it doesn't take any longer than a traditional order because we have all of the compounding capability ready to go at a moments notice and it winds up saving you money while giving you better results than ever before!

If you're goal is to build your body, and you want REAL results, and you'd like to save a few bucks in the process too... Try our personalized bodybuilding supplements service right here, right now.

I guarantee, you'll be glad you did!

Just send us an email by clicking our email link below...

In that email include the information we outline below (it's easy), and we will plan a supplement for you that is perfect for what you want and need to reach your personal bodybuilding goal. I guarantee it'll be more rewarding than any other supplement program you have ever used before! it's so simple and easy, and it will yield the best results you ever had... After analyzing the data you've sent, we will respond with a supplement regimen that will optimize your body to the fullest and give you the best results possible for your goals...

Ready to get started? 

Answer the following questions, and we will begin analyzing your needs and reply as fast as we can..

Here we go... Submit the following info to us by ... CLICKING HERE

Then give us... 

1. Your Full Name
2. Your Best Email Address
3. Your Height
4. Your Weight
5. Your Bodybuilding Personal Goals 
(the more detailed the better)
6. Your Bodybuilding Experience 
(# of years, etc etc)
7. Experience With Supplements 
(list any you've tried, what worked, what did not)
8. What You Do For Work 
(Physical work, or desk job)
9. How Active Are You? 
(list daily physical activities you do)
10. Tell us any other points of interest you think may help us analyze your current physical situation. The more you tell us, the better picture we have of you!

That's it.

Send us that info, and we will get back to you as soon as we can...

If we have any follow questions, we will let you know by sending you an email.

Typically, we can deduce what we need from the above 10 questions.

Look forward to hearing from you...

My best,


Gold Medal Supplements
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