What Are SARMS?

Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMS) are a class of compounds that have properties similar to anabolic steroids, but with reduced androgenic properties. This distinction allows users to have the advantage of androgen-receptor specificity and tissue selectivity without the adverse health risks typically associated with steroids.

What Does That Mean?

To clarify, that means SARMS target specific parts of the body (mainly muscle tissue) without effecting other organs and tissues of the body like steroids do. There are, of course, minor exceptions. To some, that makes SARMS much more desirable because affinity for muscle tissue correlates to reduced chance of negative side effects so often the case with steroid use.

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How Can SARMS Benefit Me?

It’s simple, with the use of SARMS you can build solid, lean, sustainable muscle mass without anywhere near the risk of the bad side effects you would risk with steroids. In many cases the results you get from SARM use is comparable to steroids, with the added benefit that you will keep most of those gains once use has stopped. That’s typically not the case with steroids, who’s use usually results in much of the gains made being lost over time once the steroid is halted. That’s not so with SARMS.

Men and Women Use SARMS
Men and Women Use SARMS

Are SARMS Safe To Use?

As compared to anabolic steroids the answer is yes. That is to say, they are typically much safer than steroids. With careful use, users are generally much safer than those who use steroids. There are typically far fewer side effects seen with use, and gains made are usually quite permanent as compared to steroids.

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Where Can I Get Legit SARMS?

That is always a tough question. There are many fake and low-dosed products out there being sold. It’s important to know who you can trust. While we do not sell these products, we do know of some legit sellers. Contact us if interested in their contact information. We will not be a party to any transaction though, just so you know that ahead of time.

Where To Buy SARMS
Where To Buy Legit SARMS


If you have questions or comments about the use of legit SARMS, feel free to contact us. We have no problem with sharing this information with you in the interest of helping keep you from getting ripped off, but will not be a party to any transaction you may have when dealing with these products. That’s between you are whatever supplier you use.

Best of luck to you!


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