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Best Protein Source On The Planet!

When you shop protein look no farther than ANABOLIC PROTEIN, with long chain polypeptides and a plethora of anabolic constituents designed to exponentially increase your muscle growth. This is a highly innovative, high quality protein source designed to increase protein synthesis to promote muscle growth, boost protein and BCAA intake, promote fat loss, increase IGF-1 and initiate a whole host of chain reactions within the body with one goal in mind… to help you build lots of quality permanent muscle!

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The very special whey protein in ANABOLIC PROTEIN is a complete protein, meaning it has all the essential amino acids necessary for protein synthesis to occur. We call these amino acids “essential” because your body can’t make them and therefore you must consume them in your diet.


Whey is particularly high in the group of three essential amino acids known as BCAAs: leucine, isoleucine, and valine. These help to build and maintain muscle, and can also serve as an energy source during prolonged or intense workouts.

Leucine, specifically, has been shown to have the greatest impact on rates of muscle protein synthesis, the process that makes your muscles bigger and stronger. One heaping tablespoon of ANABOLIC PROTEIN has approximately 8 grams of leucine.

On another note, protein supplementation combined with resistance exercise offers greater gains in muscle strength and muscle mass over just resistance exercise alone. A study published in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism concluded that those who supplemented with whey protein during resistance training had an almost 5-percent (or 5.5-pound) greater increase in lean tissue mass compared to those who didn’t supplement.

And compared to other forms of protein, like casein and soy, whey reigns superior when it comes to greater improvements in muscle strength and size. Following a 10-week intense training program, resistance-trained men who supplemented with whey protein isolate had significantly greater gains in strength and lean body mass, and a decrease in body fat, compared to the group that supplemented with casein.

We could go on… but you get the point.

Moving along, and beyond the obvious benefits of whey protein are the fantastic boosts you will get from the whole egg and colostrum concentrates found in ANABOLIC PROTEIN. Let’s explore the egg component for a minute…


Egg is one of the most complete and versatile foods available. It has a valuable role in providing a healthy diet for all, and especially bodybuilders. We all know the importance of protein in the muscle-building process, without protein, your muscles will simply not grow.

Excluding water protein, it is the next most abundant element that makes up the majority of our bodies, so with all this protein in the body, wouldn’t you say that protein should be a very important part of anyone’s diet? Bodybuilders need to take this a little further by damaging those protein fibers with heavy weight training in order for the protein fibers to regrow stronger and bigger. A bodybuilder’s diet must be much higher in protein than the average persons.

Eggs contain about 6 grams of high quality protein, so high that it is used as the standard by which other foods are measured. Eggs are also a rich source of vitamins, including A, E and K and a range of B vitamins such as B12 (energy), riboflavin and folic acid. Eggs also contain all eight essential amino acids needed for optimal muscle recovery and building valuable minerals like calcium, zinc and iron.

It gets better… You should shop protein that has:


Colostrum, found in our ANABOLIC PROTEIN in abundant supply, comes from the very same udders that produce the milk you drink. The major difference is colostrum is produced only shortly before and after the cow gives birth. Essentially a form of milk that’s much higher in immune-system-enhancing compounds and anabolic agents such as insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1), colostrum has also been shown to have higher levels of the hormone leptin than milk. Leptin helps keep your metabolic rate up and hunger down.

Research on the effect of colostrum in athletes shows it helps increase muscle mass and strength, as well as prevents fatigue, by buffering levels of acidity that rise during exercise. Its mass and strength-producing effects are likely due to its high IGF-1 content, which increases during colostrum supplementation. IGF-1 is critical for instigating muscle growth, and its immunity-enhancing properties are important for bodybuilders as well as other athletes. The immune compounds it contains, namely a variety of immunoglobulins, can help aid recovery after training and prevent you from getting sick and missing training sessions.

Don’t shop protein without it!

Researchers from the University of Queensland in Australia conducted a study on highly trained cyclists to investigate the effects of colostrum on immune function and recovery. During the first five weeks, subjects took either 10 grams of colostrum or whey protein per day. During the sixth and final week, subjects performed two time trials and five consecutive days of high-intensity training. The scientists reported in a 2007 issue of the Journal of Applied Physiology that subjects who took colostrum had improved immune function and decreased symptoms of respiratory illness compared to subjects who took whey.

Enhancing your immune function can improve recovery and allow you to train harder. In fact, the same researchers reported in a 2006 study that cyclists who supplemented with colostrum bettered their cycling performance. You may not be a cyclist, but this research has definite implications for you in the gym. Enhanced cycling performance is similar to enhanced gym performance: You can get more reps with a given weight and train harder for longer. This all equates to greater muscle growth, which is the bottom line we’re all looking for.


In conclusion, I could go on and on and on about the endless bodybuilding benefits that ANABOLIC PROTEIN will provide you. The list of benefits to bodybuilders is literally very long and impressive, so long it’s just about impossible for us to list everything here. Suffice it to say… if you are looking to give your body a HUGE anabolic advantage… one that’s healthy, provides strength, stamina, size and helps shed fat, improves overall health and will undoubtedly help you gain more lean, permanent muscle… YOU NEED THIS PRODUCT!

After 43 years in this business, believe me when I say, most bodybuilders, whether they realize it or not, are leaving a whole bunch of gains on the table by not getting the proper nutrients needed to optimize and maximize the body’s potential for growth. That’s where this product becomes extremely important. If you are truly serious about building as much muscle as possible, then you need to shop protein that has EVERYTHING you need to become an anabolic beast. If you truly want to build maximum amounts of muscle, you shop right here, right now to get yourself a supply of ANABOLIC PROTEIN.

… It’s a true game changer!


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SUGGESTED USE: 1-2 heaping tablespoon(s) post-workout, and another similar serving 12 hours later, or before bed. To be taken on both workout days, and non-workout days.