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You want stamina and energy to last you through tough workouts?

You need R3!

R3 provides a plethora of much needed nutrients and electrolytes, more so than any other sports drink that we know of. And you know what that means to your workouts and progress?


You need to replenish, replace and restore your electrolytes while working out in order to keep going. Without them, you go flat and lose energy... and there go your gains and progress.

But replenishing your body with R3 restores these much needed nutrients and electrolytes, so you will have the stamina and energy needed to power through even the toughest workouts... then you can finish your workouts and make progress faster and better than otherwise possible!

Trust me, when using R3... you will FEEL the difference!

Don't leave precious energy and stamina (and progress) on the table.

Get R3 today!

R3 comes in delicious FRUIT PUNCH and LEMON-LIME flavors.

Please specify which flavor you want at time of ordering, or we will choose for you.

Each container makes 2 gallons of the absolute best electrolyte / hydration drink you will ever experience. This is a sports drink that will truly make a positive difference to your training success!

Directions for use: You can mix the entire contents of the container into a 2 gallon jug and fill with 2 gallons of water... or... you can add 1 heaping teaspoonful to approx 10-12 oz of water (or to taste).

Each 10 oz serving contains the following energy restoring nutrients:

Total Fat 0%

Sodium 151.67 mg

Carbohydrates 22 g

Potassium 400 mg

Calcium 17 mg

Phosphorus 15 mg

Copper 1 mg

Iron 5.2 mg

Manganese .4 mg

Zinc 2.5 mg