Terms and conditions of use


Our products are made to be the highest quality, purest products on the market. From time to time we may change ingredients in our products without notice to customers except by changinging our website to reflect these changes, and of course by changing the products label as required by law. Please note that Gold Medal Supplements will ONLY make these types of changes in an effort to IMPROVE said product, so it will always be in the best interest of the customer when and if any changes get made.

Understand that Gold Medal Supplements may make changes to the look of any product at any time without prior announcement, and that may or not reflect on our website. Understand that any label change, or container change or change in the look of any product does NOT constitute a change in product quality or quantity or effectiveness unless otherwise notified. Product labels and / or packaging may LOOK different when arriving to your door than what appears on the website. This does NOT reflect in any way product volume, quality, or effectiveness. And as such, we do NOT give prior notification of label or packaging changes as they are inconsequential to actual product quality and performance.


Due to the consumable nature of our products and concerns over tampering absolutely no returns will be accepted! For public and company safety we MUST adhere to a very strict policy of absolutely no returns ever! All shipments are made by USPS and will typically ship same day if order comes in early enough. If order is too late for that days shipment, it will go out next day. We are not responsible for lost or stolen packages. That is the responsibility of the postal service. If you want to ensure delivery / investment in your order you can purchase insurance at an additional cost through us. This needs to be done BEFORE placing your order. Simply contact us to do this. We will provide tracking information for your orders made within the USA in the event it goes lost or unaccounted for if requested within 30 days of purchase. No claims can be made after that 30 day period as we do not retain tracking information any longer than that. International orders (those being sent outside the USA) cannot be tracked. By placing an order with us you agree that Gold Medal Supplements is not liable for successful delivery of that order. This is the sole responsibility of the postal service. In the event of a lost or stolen package you understand and agree that the USPS is solely responsible for correct delivery of your packages, and due to this you agree to hold Gold Medal Supplements free and clear from all liability in this regard.

All parcels destined for overseas (outside the USA) will be assessed a separate shipping fee to cover costs of shipping to that country.


All sales and discounts are intended for new purchases originating during the sale period only, and for customers located within the United States only. The reason for this is that often the higher cost for our superior quality raw materials used to produce our supplements coupled with higher shipping fees for shipping abroad (outside of the USA) can be cost-prohibitive, and would, if combined with discounts, undermine our profit margin (which can be slim) for many items. We reserve the right to make exceptions as we see fit, but this will be done at the sole discretion of the company. All sales and discounts are for one time purchases and is not available for subscription, or already existing purchases or subscription.

When shipment is made, you can typically expect delivery within 2-3 days within the continental United States. Overseas package will take longer to clear customs. Tracking information can be supplied when and if there seems to be some sort of unnatural delay in delivery. Once package is shipped it is out of our hands. We can provide proof that package was shipped, and from that point on it is the responsibility of the post office to deliver that package to you. If a package seems to get lost or is delayed, we will provide tracking number for that package and the post office can run a trace on that package to locate it’s whereabouts for you. There is nothing that Gold Medal Supplements can do to locate the package once we have fulfilled your order aqnd shipped it other than provide the appropriate tracking information. At that point we have already fulfilled our obligation and have sent the order you paid for. It is then the post office’s job to get the package to you. If there is an issue with delivery, you must contact the post office about it. Gold Medal Supplements has fulfilled it’s responsibility by shipping your package. We will provide proof of shipment (tracking number) for your order if requested within 30 days of purchase.

To protect yourself from loss or theft you can request insurance on your purchase to protect from possible losses, but this must be requested for and paid for by customer in full prior to shipment of your order.

Contact Gold Medal Supplements PRIOR to shipment of your order if you wish to request insurance!

You agree to hold Gold Medal Supplements free and clear of any and all liabilities regarding the purchase or use of any product(s) you have made with the company. In the event of a lost or stolen order / package, the company shall show proof of shipment in the form of the appropriate shipment tracking number for your order, which must be requested within 30 days of purchase. Any request for tracking information made after 30 days of purchase will be considered invalid and any claim dismissed. Company WILL NOT supply tracking information requests made after 30 days of purchase. Additionally Gold Medal Supplements will not be held liable for such lost or stolen parcels, nor will it be liable for improper or failed deliveries due to customer supplying incorrect, incomplete or improper shipping addresses. Supplying complete and correct shipping information is the sole responsibility of the customer at time of checkout or purchase.

By purchasing from Gold Medal Supplements you agree to all of the terms of the aforementioned policies.