AROMATASE INHIBITOR - Powerful Estrogen Reduction and Elimination Product!

Potent anti-estrogen prevents aromatization of testosterone into estrogens to prevent estrogen-related side effects.AROMATASE INHIBITOR is a potent drug and hormone-free estrogen fighting aromatase inhibitor containing: Apigenin, Zinc Methionine, Turmeric, Milk Thistle and Piperine. It is very effective at reducing, rendering inactive and then expelling unwanted estrogen from the body. For use with Testosterone and other Anabolics to help treat and prevent gynomastia and other side effects from steroids, testosterone and anabolics. Excellent stand-alone product. Stacks well with virtually any anabolic.

Main benefits:

* Decreases Estrogen
* Renders Estrogen Inactive
* Expels Estrogen
* Highly Effective
* 5 Potent Ingredients
* Boosts Testosterone
* No Side Effects
* Safe Formula

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