MPS - Super Muscle Protein Synthesizing Anabolic!


We want you to be healthy in every way... and that's why we bring you SUPER HYDROLIZED COLLAGEN, the wonder product that is truly needed by all who seek whole body health and fitness. SUPER HYDROLIZED COLLAGEN is a highly absorbable form of collagen, and to understand why collagen is so vital to your health, you should know four things:

1. Collagen is the most abundant protein found in your body and is one of the most vital proteins your body needs to function. 2. Collagen is the glue that holds your body together being a major component found in your connective tissue, collagen maintains the structure and integrity of your skin, muscle tissue, bones and tendons. 3. Collagen sends out important signals to your cells. These signals can combat inflammation and repair damaged cells. 4. Your collagen production declines naturally as you get older. You should seriously consider supplementation to meet your body’s needs.

Any person who values health and fitness should supplement collagen to their diet in order to remain vital and healthy! This is a 1 month supply. Stacks perfectly with HAIR GROWTH FORMULA and SOMAMAX.

Collagen May:

  • Improve Joints
  • Improve Skin
  • Improve Nails
  • Improve Hair
  • Reverse Signs of Aging
  • Help Build Muscle
  • Help Burn Fat
  • Reduce Cellulite
  • Improve Digestion


    Serving Size: 1 level Tspn. (1,666 mg)
    Serving per container: 60
    100% Pure
    Hydrolized Collagen


    1 Time Purchase $16

    Monthly Auto-Ship $16


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