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Supplement Guide - Gold Medal Supplements
Supplement Guide - Gold Medal Supplements

Bodybuilding Supplement Guide

This bodybuilding supplement guide is your straight-forward, no nonsense blue print to the supplements you need to succeed at your goals. No fluff or hype, just facts and real world assessment of what will work for you for personal success.



Bodybuilding Supplements

Below are DIRECT LINKS to the best bodybuilding supplements for the promotion of muscle growth and increasing athletic performance…

Best Bodybuilding Supplements

To speed things up and clarify them for you, here are these bodybuilding supplements broken down for you giving a brief description of each and what it can do for you:

MASS – highly effective muscle mass producing supplement that uses the power of muscle protein synthesis, just like steroids do, but wile retaining complete healthiness as it is completely all natural. The main ingredients have clinical evidence showing a high affinity to producing muscle protein synthesis, which is what you need to build muscle.


MK-2053 – highly effective new anabolic with clinical evidence showing an anabolic effectiveness that is possibly stronger than the powerful anabolic steroid dianabol. Providing a high degree of muscle proitein synthesis for serious muscle growth, MK-2053 is 100% natural with no side effects.. except optimal muscle mass growth!


PUMP – NO2 booster which is highly effective at increasing vascularity and opening even the smallest capillaries to allow more protein and nutrients into muscle cells for optimum muscle growth. Also provides outstanding “pumps” that lasts for hours. Important muscle building catalyst for every aspiring bodybuilder.


ANDRO – powerful testosterone boosting supplement created specifically for short term bodybuilder goals. Clinical studies have shown the active ingredient within ANDRO to be able to raise testosterone levels by as much as 367% over baseline. Excellent for short term muscle mass growth.


SOMAMAX – unmatched all natural HGH boosting formula for muscle mass growth, fat loss, better sleep, anti-aging and so much more. The active ingredient combination within SOMAMAX has been clinically proven to boost natural HGH by as much as 637% over baseline. Excellent for bodybuilding and general health improvement.


WHEY PROTEIN CONCENTRATE – excellent high quality whey protein concentrate that boasts a high degree of muscle building amino acids and other vital nutrients necessary for optimum muscle growth and health. Bio-enhanced to boost effectiveness and absorption even further! No other Whey Protein compares.


PEA PROTEIN CONCENTRATE – very similar to our Whey Protein Concentrate above, but completely plant sourced. made strictly from the finest peas, this protein boasts a similar amino acid and nutrient profile to Whey Protein… while remaining 100% vegan. Also considered to be allergen free as well. Well tolerated by almost all who use it, it is considered a excellent alternative for those who cannot use dairy products like whey.


COLLAGEN (HYDROLYZED) – excellent protein source and a great catalyst for protecting, rebuilding and increasing healthiness of the joints and connective tissues within the body. Collagen provides the specialized building blocks (proteins) needed to assure muscle growth and joint and connective tissue repair and maintenance.


There are other important bodybuilding supplements too.. but the above described products will serve you best for the growth and repair of muscle tissue. You will find a few others at the general bodybuilding supplements page listed above and here again for your convenience.

Fat Loss Supplements

Here’s a direct link to fat loss supplements for the reduction of stubborn body fat and optimizing energy for increased athletic performance.

You can see them here!

General Health (Ancillaries)

These are products known to benefit bodybuilding, fitness, fat loss and general health needs. Some products have multiple uses, and these are a few of the best!

General Health Products.

As always, Gold Medal Supplements strives to bring you only the most effective products of their kind on the market. If it doesn’t pass our extremely rigid effectiveness tests… you won’t see it offered by us!

If you don’t see a particular type of supplement or product you were looking for on our site… send us an email ask inquire about it. We have and make much more than what you will find on this site. We can and do make many, many of the best products you will ever find… for many health and fitness needs. So, if you don’t see it here, be sure to write us a quick message and tell us what you are looking for. Chances are we have it, or can make it within 24 hours for you!

Filling fast, special extremely high quality orders are our specialty!

Feel free to inquire about ANY kind of bodybuilding product… we have legit connections to almost every kind of bodybuilding and fitness substance imaginable.

As always, our very best to you!

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  1. There is no doubt about it… if you’re looking to gain muscle and get in great shape the NATURAL way… these substances are excellent choices to help you attain the physique you want. They are scientifically proven substances in high ratio’d extracts etc that are proven to give results! Used them all!

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