Truth About Steroids!

Truth About Steroids
Truth About Steroids

You want the the truth, huh?

Well, there are MANY truths that can be told on steroids. Like, have some guys made great gains with them? The answer is a resounding YES. Another truth can be, have a lot of guys DIED from using them, and again the answer would be a resounding YES! Bottom line here, what I am getting at is that steroid use can be risky… even if you think you are doing them correctly.

You just never can know for sure what the long term use of steroids will have on you. You just cannot know for sure. These are synthetic (man made) CHEMICALS.. and truth be known, the body does no like or want man-made chemicals put into it!



Can you use steroids and get away with not ever having bad or serious side effects or illness. To be truthful, we would have to say YES… it is possible. But again, there is no way to know what will happen to you from their use, even many years down the road. There is just no way to know for sure…

That being said, do we feel there MAY be a place for them in a bodybuilders or athlete’s arsenal of product to use to be the best that they can be at what they do… my answer is MAYBE. That is up to you!

See, I am not judgmental on steroid or SARMS use. I have had my share of dalliances with them all myself. (I could tell you some stories) So, just so you know, this is a totally judgment free zone! I just like to make sure that you all know the POSSIBLE consequences so you have a full understanding of what you are doing BEFORE you jump in… so, you can make an educated decision for yourself. And that’s a good thing!

I do believe there are a lot of young people who are too young to be taking steroids. I also believe that far too many people use way too much steroids… they go way heavy on their dosing thinking “more is better”. I’m here to tell you that approach can get you killed.

Sometimes LESS IS MORE!

In any event, I wanted to open this discussion for the purpose of more of a question and answer type forum rather than just giving you all just one man’s views on the subject.

I believe much more can be garnered by multiple people all sharing their view points and learning from one another because this subject is so fraught with controversy and misinformation… I believe it’s easier and more fruitful to discuss it rather than preach about it.

With that said, I leave the door wide open for you all to comment below with your questions, stories, comments…

Let’s get the conversation started!

… we want to hear from YOU!

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  1. I’ve seen too many guys, young and old who seem to think they’ve got to do large amounts of steroids to get the desired results. This is never a good idea! The wise use of these substances can reap great rewards, and in a relatively safe manner (although putting synthetic substances into your body is never 100% safe). But if you are hell bent to want to use them, it can be done minimizing safety concerns by using intelligence and sound planning.

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