Whey Protein Concentrate
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Protein / Muscle Mass

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Serving Size: 1 Heaping Tbsp.
(Approx 30 grams)
Serving per container: 15
Contains a full compliment of
essential, conditional and non-
essential amino acids needed
for superior muscle growth!
23.4 G of protein per serving
46% of daily requirement for
optimum muscle growth.

* RDA not established.


On training days take 1 tbspn
with beverage. (milk preferred)
Take 60 minutes pre-workout,
then another dose post workout.
Preferably within 1-3 hours max.
On non-training days take 1 dose
with morning meal, then another
dose at least 6 hours later.Take
2-3 servings per day for growth.

Excellent source of bodybuilding protein with a complete array of amino acids and vitamins and minerals the bodybuilder needs to grow!

Gold Medal Supplements high quality Whey Protein Concentrate is the “Gold Standard” whey protein supplement for muscle building, fitness & health!

Our superior Whey Protein Concentrate is produced from pasteurized whey that has non-protein elements removed. With a mild flavor, our whey protein isolate mixes well in most any shake or cool beverage. It can also be added to many foods.

When compared to other whey proteins, our Whey Protein Concentrate has higher, and thus, more beneficial protein and amino acid content and little, if any, fat or lactose.

Gold Medal Supplements Whey Protein Concentrate has extremely high levels of beneficial amino acids.

Our Whey Protein Concentrate is a complete protein, which means it has all of the amino acids that are needed in a daily diet. It also contains high levels of branched chain amino acids, which are unlike other amino acids in the promotion of muscle growth because they can be metabolized directly into muscle tissue.

This is simply a better Whey Protein Concentrate! There is no other whey protein concentrate that has the level of amino acids, nutrition and macro-nutrients present in our whey protein, and with that comes a myriad of muscle building benefits that you won't find even from the biggest leading brabds of whey protein!

If you are serious about muscle growth and superior health... you owe it to yourself to try Gold Medal Supplement version of Whey Protein Concentrate. It is truly a one-of-a-kind whey protein and is a vastly SUPERIOR version of whey protein concentrate.. and it is only available here from our website.


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