Truth About Supplements
Truth About Supplements

Oh my God… where do you start when it comes to the truth about supplements?

This subject has been talked about so much that it’s hard to know where to even begin on the subject, but we’ll give it a try. I’m just going to answer the age old question as to… are supplements even needed?

The short answer is YES!

And what I mean by that is, since you are on this particular website, chances are that you, the reader, is a person who is into bodybuilding or fitness.. or at least into taking good care of your health, so that is a good starting place from which to begin.



Nutritional supplements in the forms of herbal extracts, amino acids, vitamins and minerals and all the combinations thereof definitely have a place, and can play a big part in the end results one derives from their fitness endeavors.

See, for example, if you are a bodybuilder looking to build muscle, cut the fat or totally reshape the body via body recompositioning, supplements can add the extra boost your body needs to get great results.

Certain supplements feed the body what it needs to bolster itself and allows the body to grow, perform better and ends up giving you better results than if not used. A good example of that would be amino acids.

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, and protein obviously is needed to grow muscle and give energy too…so if your diet is not getting enough high quality amino acids… you’re simply not going to grow like you’d expect you should and a lot of your bodybuilding efforts will wind up being wasted hard work.

Another example we can discuss are the many herbal extract now being used in supplements. Many of these are heightened versions of their regular herb brothers in that an extraction process is used to single out the most effective components of that herb for a more powerful supplement product that will give better results.

Many of these herbal extracts can optimize bodybuilding and fitness (and other goal) results by stimulating the body’s own natural secretions of hormones in a natural way (think of it as the body being fed extra nutritious foods) that will ultimately lead to better results in the gym.

Many of these herbal and amino acid and vitamin and mineral combinations can be quite powerful when combined properly, and that’s where the real fun begins.

It can take years of research and development to find the proper substances to use, the real truth about supplements, and which one’s work synergistically together to give best results, and then to find the proper doses of each within a particular formulation to finally wind up with the best product for a certain goal.

That’s what Gold Medal Supplements does all day long. It’s our thing! LOL

But being serious here, never let anyone tell you that supplements are not worth it because anyone who says this plain old just does not know what they are talking about. There, I said it. But it is the truth. The REAL truth about supplements! Fact is… supplements can play a powerful role in helping the bodybuilder and fitness buff to reach his or her goals much faster, more effectively and with ultimately better results!

Even the health conscious person can find relief for many illnesses and find comfort from such things as cold, flu’s, prostate issues, joint problems and many, many other ailments…all from taking a certain high quality supplement made for that purpose.

One thing to remember though is that not all supplements are made alike. There are many “discount” supplement offered out there, and typically you will get what you pay for with these cheaper products. Unfortunately, there are no real shortcuts in life. If you want quality products, they will usually cost a wee bit more than those cheaper versions… but the difference in their effectiveness will be like night and day.

Don’t get cheap when it comes to buying your supplements. It will be like wasting your money. Take this from a guy who has been in the business for 42 years as of this writing. There just are no cheap supplements that are worth their weight. They just don’t work! I’d recommend you save your money and opt for the high quality products every time. At least you know you will get something out of them.

You also need to watch out for the old scam being used by even some of the biggest and well known supplement company’s out there… the old bait and switch!

They use shiny, colorful labels, fancy advertisements and even hire big famous people to sell these items… but the problem is, what’s inside the bottle is crap! It may LOOK the part… but in reality the product winds up just being junk that will do nothing for you. This is called “planned obsolescence”. It is the intentional act of making inferior products in the hopes that when your product fails to perform, you will find yourself wanting to buy MORE of that product in hopes that maybe “this time” somehow it will work better.

One other tactic some supplement company’s use is to list a whole bunch of ingredients on their label to impress you, but they add so little of any one of those ingredients that it renders the product useless. A lot of supplement company’s use this tactic. And also, yet another tactic used is that these unscrupulous supplement company’s will add certain ingredients that are well known to be effective ingredients for a specific purpose… problem is… that they use a very low grade “watered down” version which is very cheap for them to purchase and add to their product… but they can list they they have it, and might even add a good sounding dose to the product… but in the end, because it is such a cheap, watered down weaker version of that ingredient that product will be pretty much useless too!

Many big name supplement company’s are making themselves rich off of YOUR hard earned money with these tactics.

… it’s sad!

Gladly, Gold Medal Supplements does not do this, as we take pride in making the absolute best products we can possibly make. We make them as though we are going to take them ourrselves, and have like our families are going to take them too! Truth is, WE DO TAKE THEM… so we know exactly the plight of what a lot of you go through when trying to get good supplements. That is one of many reasons why we take care to make the best products we possibly can. We are proud of our products!

That being said, and enough of our bloviating already… in conclusion I simply want to say that if you want the best results for your bodybuilding, fitness or health endeavors… use high quality supplements to get you the best results possible.

We feel our products will definitely help you do that!

But regardless of if you use our products or another company’s products… please be sure to research them carefully. Not all products like these are alike, and a cheaper price tag often means lesser results.

It’s a case of buyer beware!

Ok, I’ve covered at least a few things to watch out for when buying supplements for your bodybuilding, fitness and health endeavors…

last thing I want to say is that supplements CAN and DO make huge differences to the end results you can get in your personal health and fitness goals… you just have to make sure to get high quality products.

… we hope you will give our bodybuilding supplements and weight loss supplements a try for this reason!

Now, with that all said… I welcome your comments and discussions below on the truth about supplements. Feel free to post your questions, comments and experiences below to join in on the discussions…


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