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Gold Medal Supplements is well known for providing the highest quality all natural bodybuilding supplements you can buy anywhere for the purpose of building muscle mass and strength naturally... the way our bodies are intended to grow, which is also the only way to remain fit and healthy. Our company, based near Allentown, Pennsylvania was formed over 38 years ago to fill the need for safe, pure and effective supplementation for bodybuilders, athletes and every day people who want to better themselves and their health. We formed our company because we were tired of seeing so many fake and low grade supplements being sold by unscrupulous and deceptive companies (even some of the big names you think you can trust!) that pretty much are just looking to separate you from your money without really caring if you get anything worthwhile from what they are selling to you. If you've been buying supplements for any length of time, you definitely know what I'm saying is true! Most supplements on the market are pretty much worthless, and do not live up to their hype and claims. You know that's true as well. 

Gold Medal Supplements is here to change that!

Looking at the big picture, we constantly see people keep getting suckered into buying the latest new fad supplements on the market... often they are chemical based, and believe it or not even some of the so-called all natural bodybuilding supplements fall into this category too. People keep buying them in the hopes that these new fancy labeled products will get them that dream body or health result they want. You know the products I'm talking about... the one's with the fancy shiny labels, with the impressive sounding names, sold from slick websites with lots of sales hype and are pushed by pro bodybuilders and fitness models who never actually use the products... 

They are sold on Amazon, eBay and all of the well known mecca's for buying supplements that are really just vast junkyards full of the same old hyped garbage supplements that wind up being useless. They're a total waste of your money. You'll never benefit from them. They know it, we know it, and the bottom line is they don't care as long as there are enough suckers out there that will fall for the hype, fancy labels and fake claims they make about those products. As long as their cash register keeps going "cha-ching"... and keeps getting filled up with your money... they simply don't care! Actually, it makes them giddy with delight. I feel that is a crying shame. They ought to be ashamed of themselves... but they're not. It's been going on like this for decades, and has only gotten worse with every Tom, Dick and Harry getting into the supplement industry space because they know it's such a cash cow.

Nowadays, the current challenge for supplement consumers these days has become finding a good supplement company with the honesty and integrity to actually put the consumers (that's YOU) interests first. That has unfortunately become the grim reality for consumers. You just can't seem to be able to trust anyone anymore, and that is especially true when buying supplements over the internet. People and company's hide nowadays behind the internet. Gold Medal Supplements will NEVER do this, which is why we have our name and contact and business address plastered at the bottom of every single page of our website. Gold Medal Supplements has absolutely nothing to hide! 

Which brings me to why we are here...

That's Me... Collin Kirkpatrick owner of Gold Medal Supplements!

If you need help choosing the right supplements for your personal needs, please, by all means contact me and I will be your personal bodybuilding supplements guide!

My name is Collin Kirkpatrick. I am the founder and owner of Gold Medal Supplements (pictured above), and I personally feel very strongly that consumers deserve REAL products, made from the purest and highest quality ingredients, and sourced from the most reputable and 100% verifiable sources on earth. I definitely want this for myself and my family, and I believe EVERYONE wants the same. Not only that, I feel everyone DESERVES the same. It's as simple as putting yourself in other people's shoes. So, I give to my customers exactly what I would expect in my companys products and service. For this reason, you can rest assured that when you buy supplements from Gold Medal Supplements... you are buying the absolute safest, purest and most effective supplements money can buy. Myself and my family use the exact same supplements we make and sell. So, not only are we driven to make the absolute best supplements you can make, we also make sure our products are very competitively priced. I'm telling you, you will be hard pressed to find supplements anywhere that are this good. I've made sure of it. Trust me when I say, Gold Medal Supplements products offer REAL EFFECTIVENESS and REAL VALUE for your hard earned dollar. You deserve no less, and we make sure to deliver!

Now that you've run into Gold Medal Supplements, you no longer need to worry about who you can trust or that you can't tell which supplement company you should give your business to. You can, without doubt, trust Gold Medal Supplements to always do right by you! We do exactly what we say we're going to do and we offer exactly what we say we offer... and that is, we offer the safest, most effective and highest quality REAL supplements that work, and the best customer care in the business! That is a fact.

I make SURE of that. 

That's the Gold Medal Supplements way of doing things. 

And you know what? Maybe I'm a bit crazy compared to today's standards, or maybe you'd call just me a little old fashioned, or whatever else you'd want to call me, but I do truly care about you! I care about people in general. See, I was once in your shoes. It bothered me a lot personally back when I was just another supplement customer. I wanted to get results so bad from all the hard work I was doing in the gym. My workouts were intense, my diet was spot on, and I was doing everything right. I looked to my supplements to give me an edge, to get me past my genetic potential and hopefully beyond, but instead all I was getting was being ripped off all the time, just like so many others have been by all of the over-hyped, shiny labeled garbarge products out there today. I'd bet as your reading this you can remember probably having been pretty much ripped of many times as well... so I set out to do something about all this. I vowed to start and run a company that would be completely different. I saw the need for something BETTER, and being an entrepreneur, and a bit of an opportunist, I realized there was an opportunity here to create something really great... a unique, really cool company that is completely different from the rest. I could start from scratch and build a smaller, quality oriented business from the ground floor up with honesty and integrity as the hallmark of the company.

I'm proud to say our customers tell us we've succeeded at doing just that! And the feedback we continue to receive, even after 38 long years in the business is that we have the best supplements around, plus we also have the best customer care found anywhere in the supplement industry... and we still do! That comes from a lot of people, it's not just me saying it... we hear it all the time.

Gold Medal Supplements will always deliver on our promise and  legacy of honesty, integrity, quality products and unmatched customer service every single day by being super dilligent in everything we do for you... from the careful and painstaking supplement research we do, to using only the highest grade and purest raw ingredients for all of our products, while also using the best manufacturing processes and also giving superior customer service at all times. These are the hallmarks of a quality company, and these are the very attributes we aspire daily to bring to you in our products and our services.

Our super dilligence to everything we do makes a HUGE difference to what our products will do for your body! When used correctly with a sound diet, proper rest and overall healthy living our products can make a great impact on your final results. And to assure you get optimum results from our best in class bodybuilding products and other health supplements, we offer free personalized supplements consultations to everyone. In other words, before you buy we will help you choose the best supplements that are the right choice for your personal fitness needs and health goals. And not only that, we also offer ABSOLUTELY FREE ongoing tips and advice consultations to all customers whenever you need help to make sure to give you every bit of assistance possible, in every way possible, so you get the best results possible! (That's a lot of "possibles") but Gold Medal Supplements believes in going the extra mile for it's customers. Always has. Always will.

The bottom line is that we believe in being honest. We also believe it is hugely important to have integrity in both our personal life and in business. Here, at Gold Medal Supplements, I have created a business where all of my life long beliefs and attributes come together into what I do... making the safest, most effective, aboslute best and highest quality supplements for bodybuilding and health... and we do so in a healthy all natural way. Add to that our fast and helpful (we're told) customer care and we believe we are the company that you SHOULD trust for your supplement needs!

We enjoy many loyal customers for many years. Some of our customers have been with us for well over a decade, some for 13-14 years and counting! There's a reason why we enjoy such customer loyalty, and that reason is because we deliver exactly as we say we will deliver. Our word is TRUE and we look out for the best interests of our customers. I sincerely hope you will give us a chance to be YOUR supplement company, and if you don't happen to find exactly what you are looking for when browsing our store... please tale a quick moment to ask us about what you need. We can often make it for you very fast, and it will wind up being a better product, and most likely cheaper too than what you can get anywhere else.

That's the great benefit of being a smaller like Gold Medal Supplements, we can take the time to be a TRUE quality oriented business. We are always willing and able to really take care of our customers well!

In closing, I'd just like to say THANK YOU for reading this... welcome to my site, and from here all I ask is that you give us a chance to EARN your trust and business. If you have any questions at all about our products or service, you can always feel free to contact me here.

Oh, and PS: I know I said this earlier, but it is worth repeating because YOU will benefit in the end. If you ever browse through our store and you do not find exactly what it is you were looking for... please, by all means contact us and let us know. Firstly, we want to be your supplement company... that's a given. But what's even more important to you is the fact that through our fantastic raw ingredients connections and our small business, fast turn around capabilities... we can most likely make you exactly what you want... and we can probably do so pretty fast. So it would be a mistake to not find what you are looking for and just leave it at that because if you at least let us know about what you want, we can most likely make it faster, better and cheaper than you can find it anywhere else... and isn't getting a superior product at a cost savings worth at least a quick email message to us to find out?

I hope, and trust you'll take me up on this because...

We are a company that truly wants to EARN your business!

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